Where is this? # 2

No hints because MiG is too good.

A slight variation: Where and what is this?

Remember to read the rules in the FAQ.

what was the answer to #1?

The thread for the first game is here: http://forum.hackingthemainframe.com/t/where-is-this-1/13192/1

Balboa- Panama Canal

Bandit, read the rules! Ask questions!

So I’ll assume you meant " Is this Balboa-Panama Canal?"

The answer is no.

19 questions left.

Is it summer there now ?


18 left

Arrr mateys, would this ship be in a country that has a monarch? Hehe.

17 left.

In this country, Do they be speakin’ the same language as Henry Morgan, the famous privateer?

Would this be the Albert Canal in Belgium??

Yes, 16 left


15 left

I think MiG found it but he keeps on playing by adding clues to help others. So let’s keep going.

Was Richard Burton the actor born here ??

Yes, if you mean that country.

No, if you mean that town/city.

14 left

Newport Wales

Is this Newport Wales

13 left

Time to bump this back up! No clues as MiG gave some in his posts.

Is this place on Greenwich Mean Time?