Where is this #17

Thanks Illywhacker. Go for it Mig.


Hmm… the mountains are towards the north-east, but im not sure that will help.

Do they speak mainly italian near this place?

No, 19 left.

Well the masonry of the wall suggest fine italian worksmanship!!!

Is the wall near a salt water body?

Yes, 18 left.

Does the country where this is share a common currency with several other nations?

Is it jurassic park?

Hah, no and no.

Is this site the home of an historically significant event?

I’ll say that it is here as a result of a historically significant event.

As in historically are we talking within the past 1000 years? Or is it a result of something that happened thousands, if not millions or billions of years ago?

Yes, within the past 1000 years, I should also mention that “it” refers to the uhh… “masonry”. 14 left.

Was this wall built by invaders in occupation of a country?

Ah, that Historiography course finally comes in handy!

History, by definition, is the study of stuff that humans did, and usually only includes stuff that has been recorded somehow.

No, 13 left.

Are the people around this place mainly speaking English?

Si, 12 left.

I’m gonna bogart one of MiG’s questions from a previous thread…

Did Men At Work write a song about the country where this site is located?

Haha nope, 11 left.

hawaii, oahu.

the ridge is supposed to protect from flood waters a long time ago