Where are you posting from?

I get the impression that not everyone here is currently staying in Rupert. So lets take a poll. Where are you at now?

Prince George here.

As you should know by now, Moncton, New Brunswick.

I don’t like it here that much :astonished:

I’m in Rupert. About half of our visitors are in Rupert, the rest spread around the world.

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Oromocto, New Brunswick ( near Fredericton and near CFB Gagetown).

I like it here but I miss Rupert and it’s people too.

Edit: And the salmon fishing,
and the Shames and Smithers’ skiing,
and the Tuesday night shooting meeting,
and the PROHL tournament, and La Cucina,
and Cow Bay Cafe,
and the Ridley Island beach,
but not the rain ( even thoug this fall has been extremely wet here)

Toride, Japan

There’s a lot I miss about Rupert too, such as the hiking, the seafood, and the quiet. South Ibaraki prefecture is pretty much all urban sprawl, and while it’s exciting, it sometimes leaves me wanting a little silence too.

i live in motherfucking victoria y’all!

haha, yup…

i lived in rupert for 16 years. was born there.

Rupert, born and raised, 21 years and counting.

Grande Prairie, AB…

The only place colder than the coldest place I’ve been to, and it isnt’ even cold yet.

Terrace for the last 18 years of my 18 year old life.

+5 years for me


+5 years for me[/quote]

  • 7 years to the sum of Eso and Smartass for me.

not born here, but have lived here since 1989. will die here but I wont be put in the ground here unless the grave yard changes.

why I love rupert.
People, ocean, mountins, wildlife, fishing, and so so much more, oh and the ocean. :smiley:

Yeah, if i ever take a trip inland for more than a week or 2 I start feeling sick, due to the lack of fresh air. I love the ocean, and could not live my life without ocean near by. Terrace being far to far from the ocean.

Naked in the basement, Edmonton, Alberta.

I am everywhere and nowhere. I am everyone and no one. I am . . . Darkman!


Holy crapsticks! I’ve lived in Rupert almost as long as Eso has been alive!
This is my twentieth year here.

Holy crapsticks! [/quote]

I can’t imagine the medical condition that one needs to have in order to produce crapsticks.


Holy crapsticks! [/quote]

I can’t imagine the medical condition that one needs to have in order to produce crapsticks.[/quote]

I can’t imagine what medical conditions could arise from living in Rupert for as long as some people here have! :wink:

I lived there for 20 years. Left to go to university, then just kept on going.

I think that medical condition would probably be SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder.