When is Rupert Home

Going on my 19 Th year, 20 Th…summer living here,and  I’m still getting ribbed in the sports world and everyday life… that I’m an Import…To be honest i have spent half my life here…had my children here…and pretty much have called Rupert Home… since i fell in love with the place… i think it was my second week here… lol… My question to the fair people of Rupert Is, when are you from Rupert…?

I was born and raised in Vancouver.  I came to Rupert in 1974 at the age of 23.  I have no regrets about making that move.  If I end up staying here the rest of my life I will be happy.  If I move, I would tell people that I was from Rupert not Vancouver.

I moved here in 1998 with my ex as he was offered a job at a local business so I moved here not of my own volition.  I have made a home here, met a wonderful fella but as I write this, we are in the throes of moving back to Ontario, a place I have always called home.  Prince Rupert is not a “bad” place, it is a limited place. I believe the people who truly say they love it here are those that are in a financial situation that offers them a chance to leave every once in awhile to regroup. Rupert does not offer anyone anything anymore, I am very grateful for my job and worry for those who are unemployed for what are they to do. So do I call Rupert home?  Hard question, I think it is a stop on a journey to my “real” home.

CODYBEAR you are leaving  :confused:

Eventually Sindicat.  My Dad is very ill with cancer and we would like to be with him for a time and my fella and he have not met yet so that is important also.  We are going back in a few weeks for a week or so when he goes in for surgery and will be checking into employment etc. while we are there but yep, the time is comin’  :cry:

I was born and raised in Rupert. I left when I was 20 to seek the real world. I always enjoy coming back and I expect the rain (in a good way), although I won’t be coming back for the Homecoming. My home is Rupert, but my life is elsewhere.

MY question for you Wee-smack, is, when do YOU call rupert home? It matters not what others think, if you call it home then a home it is.




Home is when the heart is…  errr, where the heart is?

I am going to or as well or also.

    I wish you and your dad a very good visit, and I also wish your dad a speedy recovery… It is very hard to be away from family when we get older.
I can’t wait to be able retire, and to move to Van. Island, closer to my boys and mom and the rest of my family. I have two places I call home… Rupert and Victoria… they are " both " very special to me.

I was born in prince rupert ,  lived a few other places seem to come back here alot and very much like it here … Best fishing in the world and i love to sport fish so theres nowhere better !

                        Prince Rupert is definatly home

Thank you very much My2cents for your kind words. I can certainly understand how you feel about Victoria, beautiful city and I found the people to be very friendly.  I hope your dreams come true too  :smiley:

awww CodyBear I am sorry to hear about your Dad (as I have not seen you much around town) :sunglasses: I am hoping you have a good and safe trip and best wishes with your family… I am born and Raised in Rupert, and am also looking at heading to the flat lands (Sask) to check things out (as well where my mom’s family are from.) BUT Rupert will AllWays be where the heart is. I talked to a few people that are in Ontario that come to prince Rupert cause they can not understand how beautifully it is.

Thank you Sindicat but I am still here, just been VERY busy at work and usually come home and crash !  We will be leaving for 7-10 days as soon as Dad is scheduled for his surgery so kind of on pins and needles at the moment.  Were you at the SPCA Masquerade Ball last Sat.?  Was fun once it got goin’ !!  Anyway, will be at the shelter for the Garage Sale May 1, so if you are around, come on up and say “Hi”  :smiley:  I hope your plans work out for you also  :smiley: You know what they say, “Sometimes a change is as good as a rest”.

Who said such a silly thing?[/quote]

Eric Walters said it, but you can fight it out with him to see who said it first.  :imp:

I was just being a smartass with JC, Soggy!  In no way was I taking credit for it but thanks for the info as I never knew where the quote came from, just grew up with it.