Whats your gangsta Name?

I now dub your ass:

Ribbed Ho Slappa


I laughed my ass off when mine came up…

Fat Ugly Skull Cruncha

Steven Douglas Wilson:
White Mofo Kelp Licker

Steven Wilson:
Mista Pud

Ugly Dick

Well. I’ve been pwnd.

Padraig Riley

Da dung Beetle

Dances with Bitch

Secret Jamaican.

But my Pirate name is Pirate Tess the Staggering Drunk. MUCH better!

Supa forty sipper

I now dub your ass:
Machete Masta Ho Slappa


[quote=“Optimus Prime”]I now dub your ass:
Machete Masta Ho Slappa


Dude, you’re related to Tim!

Me: Fried Green Pond Swimma
Mel: Trip-n-Fall Melon Balls

:laughing: too funny

Old name: Troy Thomas

I now dub your ass:
Rotten Prison Fish

Old name: t-bone

I now dub your ass:
Supa Rhino Banga

Broken Poo-poo Pants

Fat Ugly Gatmasta

Supa Train Jumpa

Played Out Gangsta.

Or, with my full name: Drunken Gangsta.

Why can’t I be supa train jumpa?

Edit: WonderMike = Off Da Hook Mint Flava. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

When I put just “troy” in. I got Heavy Nutz da Bitch.

I only put padraig and got

Old name: padraig

I now dub your ass:
Loose Ho Slappa

When I put in “Eso” I get Heavy Nutz da Gangsta.

But when I put in “Steve Eso”, I am Mercedes-Rollin Guatemalan.

Heh, it’s also case sensitive.

Eso: Heavy Nutz da Gangsta
eso: Black Rot Sloth
Eese: Janky Jamaican
eese: Da Shrinky Nutz

Secret Jamaican
Old Chimpanzee
Rump-thumpin Stank Ho
Two-time Retardo

Yay… as lame as Secret Jamaican is… I think I’ll stick with it.

Oh ya… and I entered Smartass, and I too am a Mercedes-Rollin Guatemalan. Unless I don’t capitalize, and then I’m Cold Tree Hugga instead.