What's your favourite Dinner

My favourite dinner is Pork roast with mashed potatoes, corn ,peas, carrots, gravy, and biscuits. Reminds me of Mom’s Sunday dinners… good memories…mmmmmm

Ground beef, mushroom soup, on top of a bed of rice.

always my childhood fave, and it’s so easy to make.

Oven baked pork ribs. Homemade dipping sauce. White rice and boiled carrots.

Stew and dumplings is pretty high up there on my list of favourites. Mmmmm.

We’ve been spending Thanksgiving weekends over on Long Beach the past couple of years-I’ve perfected the art of deboning and stuffing a large turkey breast so it’s easy to cook on a barbque on the deck of our cabin. Garlic mash potatoes, veggies, fresh rolls, a great bottle of wine (or two) and pumpkin pie to finish. After a long day of beach walking with the family, it’s great to sit back in the hottub,enjoy the view and smell that turkey cooking. Definitely my favourite meal.  :smiley:

Deep fried turkey… :smiley: Mmmmmm !! Had that down in the southern states and never forgot it, complete with grits, greens and bacon AND sugar donuts caramelized on the BBQ and served with ice cream and pecans with syrup.  Fattening, no  ??? Heart attack on a plate but well worth it…Great memories !!  Still love turkey but the old fashioned way with lots of gravy and mashed taters, stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce…Yummy  !!  I also just love a great hotdog and my fella makes the BEST  :smiley:

Raw dogs dipped in soya sauce seasoned with a light curry powder

You are a f*cking idiot!!! Not funny.

  I am sure he meant “raw” as in not cooked…Probably no harm intended, I hope :confused:

Either way, I’m quite offended. Both ethically (I have a family dog) and ethnically (I’m Asian).

I am curious as to why you assumed canine instead of hot dog?

  Me too…Strange… :confused:

Rainy Sunday faves:
Leg of lamb with the gravy over mashed tatties…
Spaghetti with red clam sauce & veal parmigiana (really breaded pork or beef, who can afford or even get veal these days)

I like a really hot chili, I know it is just right if my children complain about it.  :smiley:

Turkey the old fashioned way … yet to try deep fried but I hear it is delic masjed potatoes and stuffing and gravy corn and peas and carrots YUM YUM! Second is home made mac anc cheese

A perfect grilled cheese sandwich with REAL cheese, bacon, thinly sliced onion and tomato…Maybe with tomato soup on a cold ,damp day !!!  or  a bowl of luscious, homemade chicken stew with dumplings or cornbread…Yummy!!!

Dungeness Crab in Singapore Chili Sauce.  :wink:


Roast beef and yorkshire pudding - drowning in gravy - with real horseradish…

mmmm…I’m soooo hungry after reading this thread…

yum yum Valencia-style Paella!

Hey MIg

Care to share your recipe?