What's with all the young moms out there

here is a heated subject that I wanna share with you guys… it all started with this post…

[quote]Sorry to be the one to ask such things… but why are so many young people having children when they can not even afford to give their children a normal, stable life??
It bothers me whenever I travel to Prince Rupert to see all these baby carriages being pushed around in the pooring down rain by teenagers and people on welfare!! WtF people?!?! Birth control is free to many people, if you can not get it free, it is very cheap!! You can even buy rubbers for a buck a piece!!
When I decide to start a family I am going to make for darned sure that I my source of income is more than enough to be able to provide for my child. When I bring a life into this world I want to have a bedroom all prepared with everything in it that a child could ever need or want.
Please think twice when engaging in unprotected sex… it is unfair to all the babies out there that are born into poverty stricken homes.[/quote]

then turned even uglier… my posts are in bold and italic

[quote]RE:What’s with all the young moms out there?? 10-03-2004 12:44 AM
***Acting like having children in today’s world without having the right source of income is okay is just plain garbage. We are all educated about birth control at a young age and all have the same option laid out for us. All I am saying is how stupid is it to have children when you barely have any stability in your life?
My personal life has nothing to do with my opinion on planned parenthood. We are all entitled to an opinion and for you to assume I am some sort of queen is absurd and makes no sense. Since you have this made up image of me, I might as well fill you in on my past that you think was perfect. I was given a shitty deck of cards and used my common sense to make the most of this world. I listened to what my elders taught me, I listened to my instructors, and certainly did not live a perfectly sheltered life. And my opinion of girls giving birth to children without the proper resources is plain selfish. Not only for the child, but for everyone around the person. Whether it would be grandparents, taxpayers, etc etc ***
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wow Danielle…Im really happy for you…your big plan for your life…thats great…I bet you got it all figured out…nothings gonna hold you back…parental support and all ???..I bet you had a perfect little sheltered life where everything was handed to you with a big huge bow on it…now you have all these opportunitys and you can go anywhere from here …and when you start your perfect lil family with your perfect lil room…all will be well in your lil world…come on now…you arent that ignorant and narrow minded are you??? Its people like you that make it hard for these young girls to achieve there goals…listenin to all this crap about how life is supposed to go…sorry honey…thats a really good plan for you…but some people are different…(god forbid :0 ) Its shit like this that make an already low self esteem, already self concious , already jelous, all of the above girl feel even lower…
Think about it…these girls cant help the world that they are born into…some people arent as lucky as you…born into your your world where "all is well"
have you ever thought that,just maybe school isnt for everybody…maybe to these young girls…its the only life they know…until bullys like you come along flappin your big lips…sayin shit like …this is what you are supposed to do…yackity yack…
leave em alone…as far as im concerned…what do you care???..so live your lil life and carry on…leave the less fortunate alone…dayum…dont worry…Im sure none of them will get in your way as you live your luxurious life…

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Oh yes! I had a plan once too. Just because you plan doesn’t mean its guaranteed to work. And accidents do happen my dear. So before you open your big mouth and call everyone stupid. Not everyone with kids is living off of welfare and poppin them out. Maybe you should think about other people feelings. Give credit to those ones that are trying to do everything possible to provide for their children before condemning them for their actions. I’m sorry to hear that you have such a negative attitude. With an general outlook like that then I don’t know how you are going to live a life of happiness!

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First of all i think u should keep your mouth shut cause its none of your business in the first place. It really bothers me when ppl say shit about other ppl. Chances are that you don’t even know them. I was a young mom and i am doing everything i can to support him myself and i think i am doing a damn good job of it too. Next time u think it bringing up a subject like this maybe you should think about other ppls feelings first.
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***That is why you call it planned parenthood. First you get yourself an education to get a good paying job, then you plan your family. And if they were so keen on getting off of welfare, why do they continue to get themselves pregnant over and over again?!? Some of them almost have enough for a soccer team!! Sad!! ***
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I sort of agree with you but at the same time you have to give them respect as they may have not used protection & ended up pregnant, but they are trying to provide for their little ones. How many job postings are available in Prince Rupert? Practically none, if there were jobs available, by the dozens I’m sure all these parents would go out and get one. It’s not like people choose to be on welfare, it’s something to help provide for their children in a jobless city.

what is your view?


But after reading the first few sentences, I have this to say:

None of us should be so arrogant as to judge others in how they raise their children.

Life is, after all, the crummiest book that I ever read.

[quote=“Eso”]But after reading the first few sentences, I have this to say:

None of us should be so arrogant as to judge others in how they raise their children.

Life is, after all, the crummiest book that I ever read.[/quote]

reminds me of a bad religion song.

[quote=“Eso”]But after reading the first few sentences, I have this to say:

None of us should be so arrogant as to judge others in how they raise their children.

Life is, after all, the crummiest book that I ever read.[/quote]

Getting ready to have children and let society take care of them are you?


[quote=“Eso”]But after reading the first few sentences, I have this to say:

None of us should be so arrogant as to judge others in how they raise their children.

Life is, after all, the crummiest book that I ever read.[/quote]

It isn’t about being arrogant at all. I was just trying to prove a point. The point is that having children at a young age isn’t a fad. You would be surprised at how many young girls plan on having these babies and plan on collecting some sort of social assistance. Sad.

Hey, I never said it was a good idea. I said you shouldn’t condemn people if they believe it is a good idea.

Sorry for caring about the youth of today. I made mistakes, like everyone else. No I’m not rich nor famous, but I do learn from mistakes amd am only trying to put a bug in people’s ear about what they can do to alleviate a common problem that most youth face today.
What has happened in the past can not change, but the future can.

based on the response i got from those raging females, my whole point has been reinforced. uneducated stupid girls with no life-plan… plain and simple

And you accusing people of making bad desicions on here is going to cause them to stop making those choices, right?

I am accusing people of making the wrong decisions OVER AND OVER again!!
Once is a mistake, twice is a habit.

We live in a wealthy country with so many possibilities. There is no excuse for make the same mistake twice or more.
Yeah we all have our own problems, but we are given many chances.

Poverty and welfare sucks… but atleast the government provides programs where the young people can educate themselves. But this shouldn’t be considered a way of life.

You have a big problem, you are a preachy self righteous bitch. Who are you to judge people or their decisions? You’re right though there are many options in this country like abortion… too bad some peoples parents didnt know about that.

prudence why dont you stop being such a dipshit trying to convert people on the internet and go out in your community and do some actual work towards helping solve some of the worlds problems?

oh wait, you’re just a reactionary fuckwit who is more interested in making herself feel better about her control over her uterine ejections than anything else. if its not hard to figure out by the responses you’ve garnered from this thread, no one here gives a shit about your little e-crusade to shame teenage mothers, and the medal-making machine is broken this week so could you please shut the fuck up until its working again and we will stamp you out a big fat medallion that says “WORLDS DUMBEST SELF-RIGHTEOUS BITCH” and you can go home and stick it on your fridge.

ps “stick it on your fridge” is coded slang for “shove it up your well insulated, pale as a fridge, frigid, fridge sized ass”

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uhhh… i don’t remember. something vaguely about my cat not needing an education to be a good mom…
wasn’t much of a loss either way.
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its the cat-motherhood-education lobby man… they’ve got mig by the short and curlies.

Sorry guys, but I gotta agree with Prudence on this one. I made the mistake of having sex at a young age, but unlike most of the girls Prudence is talking about, I tried to be responsible and so I went and got some birth-control (it’s easy to get and cheap) and never got pregnant. I first had sex at 15 and I’ll be 21 on Halloween. I am married now and have never been pregnant. I want to be able to provide a stable, loving home for my child, and do the best that I can to provide my child with as many opportunites as possible, so my husband and I are trying to become more financially stable before we start planning a family. I feel sorry for that small percentage of birth-control users who do get pregnant at the wrong time, but I have no pity on those who can’t even be bothered to try and prevent a pregnancy that really isn’t planned for and very often, isn’t wanted. Too many young girls get pregnant for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time, and the poor children grow up as financial and social burdens, instead of the wonderful bundles of joy that they are. Here I go preaching again… :stuck_out_tongue: