What's with all the police cars?

Nearly run over on a crosswalk downtown a few minutes ago by a flying police car.


They passed by below our house.  My daughter counted 5 police cars, 1 fire truck and one ambulance all heading towards Seal Cove.  Now she wants me to check on htmf what’s going on.

I am wondering the same thing. I live close to that end of town and the sirens were going for a long time.

hmmm i live that end too but i was out for dinner any news yet?

If they were rushing towards seal cove area, apparently there was a capsized vessel of some sort. and a person was floating in the water.

It was on the scanner, for a while. However, they switched over to a secure channel. :open_mouth:

3 people we’re shot, 2 died, the other probly wont make it

Wow, that’s pretty scary.

  how much truth is there to this ? or you bullshitting?


Citation Needed.

He’s just billy.

Tell him that Chrysler vehicles are superior than any Japanese vehicles, and then see what happens…

I really hope this isn’t true–but if Billy’s making a joke… damn, really upsetting.

Actually, every comment posted by billy deserves a facepalm.

Well, I was down that way and the police cars and fire trucks were only there about 20 minutes or so,  then they all left.

I live 3 houses up from where the shootings took place, Im trying to upload the pictures but my camera cable is’nt working right.  There we’re always strange people going in and out of that house to

hmmm ill lend u the cable

  Pretty vague info…I live on 11th. E. so what street are you talking about and what house ??

Billy get out of MiG’s body… LOL

Seriously, if I had been wearing the in-ear headphones instead of the iPhone ones, I’d probably have been run over.  They were flying fast, and leaning on the horn the whole time.

Billy if you have photos, e-mail them to me and I can post them for you. 


Good Luck with that Mig, good luck…