What's happening by the Inlander?

Police, Fire and Ambulance. Looks like they are pulling someone up over the railing by the vacant lot?

does it happpen to be the chairman anybody get pictures

Yes i9t was or is the chairman but cops are not letting anyone near, they hustled me away and I had camera ready but no photo. Wheelchair still in good shape still on sidewalk, must of been having a piss again.

I think its the chairman.
Me and the kids were there seconds after the fire truck arrived, and we seen an empty chair.
my 10yr old said just as I was thinking…" i betcha its the wheelchair guy…what a menace"…

I wonder what the stats are with wheel chair persons pissing into vacant lots and falling into them?..

Yes it was the “Chairman”, he apparently was standing there, when he fell over. The cops even kept his aunty away till he was pulled up. One hell of a fall over that embankment.

Lots of shopping carts to break the fall down there!  :imp:

Agreed.  Ouch.  Hopefully he wasn’t badly injured in the fall.

Ya…hopefully he doesn’t end up in a wheel chair or something…


Well, one thing is for sure mcsash, he now knows what a back board, and a gurny feels like. He may have been a pain in some peoples rear end, however a fall like that is not something I would want to see anyone endour, not even the chairman

WRONG Shawno…
I have seen the chair man being taken away on a gurney and back board before.
Maybe he was trying to put himself outta his misery…I dunno…
Sorry fellow HTMF’ers …MCSASH bears no sympathy for the Chairman…I cant imagine I’m way out in left field alone on this one…

Yikes!  :astonished:

You are of course entitled to your point of view, mcsash. 
I know the chairman has been an annoyance, but, I would not want him to be severely injured (even though he has annoyed me with his antics).  If this was self-inflicted he needs help not condemnation.

Well I spoke with his sister who was across the street at West End and she said he was doing okay but your are right a fall like that could and would hurt, but teach him for maybe pissing over the side again. Ever notice that fishermen die like that as well pissing over the side. Just an observation I guess.

Did anyone stop to think that “chairman” is actually a person… a human being… that obviously has a hard life …nothing to joke about…regardless of his “antics” as you call them… a disabled man fell from his wheelchair and was probably seriously hurt …that is sad…again nothing to joke about.

I nominate that we have a namechange from the “Chairman” to ,“The Wiz”,In honour of all those times I drove by and he was standing up and taking a piss, with a shit eating grin smile on his face.    “Look at me, I’m the Wiz”

Nobody beats “The Wiz”,http://thewiz.ytmnd.com/

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When he is strapped onto the backboard then I guess that makes him Chairman of the Board.

Oh and most of us here don’t wish any harm on the guy. I find it crazy that of all the times he’s pushed himself into traffic, he manages to get hurt on a sidewalk.

Hmmm …MEE  …as you sit from the comforts of your abode …obviously out side of prince rupert…his so called “antics” (as described by a political correct moderator) are absolulty embarassing and border on criminal activity.  For tourists who pass through this city who have been a victim of his “antics” put a bad light on the town.
And really how disabled is he?..I think hes hardly the victim in his usual game.

I believe I named him the chairman…I would be willing and would endorse "chairman whizalot"
for many reasons …I believe that title has many meanings