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Talking to a friend this morning who I trust and believe, I get this story about some bull shit piece of paper which was sent to the school board and was or is directed to the schools in District 52, I believe that it was from such the Salvation Army for one in regards to People’s Choices. The paper was intended to sway teachers or councellors to not talk about Gay life or lifestyles. We have a group of young people in this town who have joined together to support each other in this lifestyle they have chosen to live with or to maybe test the waters. I applaud them for sticking to their way of life and supporting one another. I am straight but I have many friends in this town alone who have lived a gay life for years and never had to hide in the closets. My question here is who are these individual so called church leaders and what gives them the right to dictate how one lives his or her life. God or the Almighty Creator will judge that if the Jewish Fairytale is right. Speak what you have to in church but stay out of the people’s bedroom or lifestyles. I do hope that the teachers union have voiced their opinion continue to listen to the voices of our youth.

I doubt very much that the peice of paper you are referring to would even get more than a read as a letter of correspondence at the school board meetings. Everyone is entitled to their opionion  and everyone is entitled to live their lives free of fear and repricussion and persecution based on their race religion and sexual orientation.

I do certainly hope so, when I worked in the schools it was fairly open to choices of young teens but they were always there to guide them when they were asked. I used to be with the place in question as well, one day they asked me to sign a petition re gays and I refused thank you. I no longer would wear their uniform either, always sticking to my beliefs.

This makes me very angry…You should, if you are not hurting yourself or anyone else be allowed to live on this planet as everyone should.  Of free mind and by ones own beliefs not of those dictated by a third party.  There is so much hatred in this world,  discrimination, racism, greed and selfishness.  What right do we have to decide that this person or that person,  does not have the right to live the way they choose, to love who they choose to love?  No one has that ultimate power and that is the operative word, POWER, to assume you or I have the right to fashion someone elses life, after who’s I might ask, yours?  I cannot believe that this is true in this age of supposed liberal beliefs, compassion and understanding that we have regressed  to the days of our grandfathers intolerance and ignorance.  I am appalled and hope , if this is the case, that this makes its way to the general public beyond this forum.

Now I was not calling the religions down but trying to point out that one issue, the United Church has always been there for the people as well as the Anglican. But I still do not like this shit being pushed down someones face. But Chris I must say slow down you are going to hurt yourself getting so worked up…lol

I have seen and I have heard of certain things goin on a certain hal or chursh, they bury much of the things I have witnesed. Dhese things are regarding moneys, sexual goin ons. Swappen , same sex stuff an no one seams to care. The people go abut ther oun life an git blessed by ther leders. It is nut a chursh but a hal where none care. They ave bake sale.

Yikes, there sure is a lot of angst getting worked up on this thread over a little ole bake sale table… :unamused:

Well this has gone beyond the initial topic of papers being drawn up for school board and trying to control ones mind and body.

This thread started off as a letter to the school about something and then it ends up putting down all churches and religons if anything needs to go to the wasteland this one does. i agree people have there own opinons but putting down churchs becasue you either dont believe in God or the Bible or just want to hate all people who try to do good does nobody no goo0d and just hurts the whole community when this town is already having big issues

No it does not deserve the wasteland , it is a subject which should be discussed and be known that this shit is happening. They may deliver their messages in church but they have no right getting into the schools nor in peoples private lives.

Yeah, Justin Case has a point, Our school system (as messed up as it is) does try for We the Body, and we don’t need any religion or a particular religion’s Moral being imposed on us.

  I know this thread has gone off topic and should be reined in so that we understand what has happened in the school as that is a very serious issue BUT Hindsfeet, are you by chance saying that you must be religious or believe in the Bible to do good in this world because a little trip back in history would prove that is definitely not the case.  Just asking… :confused:

Definetly Not saying that at all, just that there are some people who are pulling down religon and that there own opinon  but they need to remember  30 yrs ago we did have prayer in schools .

How do you guys think that religion was removed from the public school system? People lobbied for the change, the change was considered, and the change was implemented.

Not only do I not see the issue in a religious person lobbying for their religion, I don’t see how Justin Case being offensive and rude fixes said issue…

  Do you know that I do not remember prayer in school?  I was an air force brat living on the bases around the planet and all I recall was the anthem or “the Queen” and No,Hindsfeet, I know what you are thinking and I am not that old that I don’t remember  :smiley:

And if I say it is blue you will say purple, I am not being rude in any way. If the Salvation Army try and push their thing on every individual well it is not a religion but a organization or cult. When it was put together years ago it was never meant to be what it is today. It was to help the needy so if we allow this shit to go down will they turn away an innocent victim of HIV or Aids because of the choices they made in life? You always come on here and argue with your little tid=bits.

You obviously don’t understand how religions work. Any church that turns away someone because they are gay isn’t really a Christian or Jewish church. If we say that being gay is a sin, which I disagree with, then we also have to admit that that sin can be forgiven. If not, it breaks one of the fundamental teachings of the Bible.

To be clear: Most sects of Christianity don’t read the Bible as the literal word of God, anymore. This whole creationism/intelligent design idea (which assumes that the Bible is literally true) is a North American idea… it didn’t exist until the 1900s.

Obviously, there are some ultra conservative Christians that would still take pretty hard lines on some of these issues. However, most Christians accept that the vast majority of homosexual people don’t choose to be that way–they just are. You can take almost every single aspect of heterosexual relationships in the Bible and translate them very easily to homosexual relationships.

My qualm is the use of phrases like “Jewish fairy tale.” I might not be understanding you, but if you’re referring to the Old Testament, then yea–it’s rude.

And, though I disagree wholeheartedly with the idea that we should teach young people that being homosexual is bad, I will defend someone’s right to say it.

I am not sure what the exact issue is here, but it might be old news.  Searched Podunkians blog and found this.  Again, Podunkian, I commend you on a job well done.
If there is something more up to date I would be interested in knowing the details.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Let us get you Minister Bond’s phone number…

School District 52 Trustees have taken the path of transference (as in let us transfer your call) when it comes to concerns expressed by the city’s religious leaders over a new diversity program, one that is apparently soon to be introduced across the province as a teaching guide for promoting diversity.

With the local religious community compiling a few concerns over the purported tone of the program known as Making Space, Giving Voice, they have taken to written letter to express their worries over what they believe is the judgmental nature of the still to be completed program, as far as it impacts on the traditional values of the various religions represented by the authors of the letter.

Weighing their options, the local School District trustees suggested that the group address their concerns and observations to the Minister of Education Shirley Bond, pointing out that they have little control over the content of provincially mandated programs.

The program which is available in draft form on the Internet, describes itself as
Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice Throughout the K-12 Curriculum.

The Daily News featured the key elements of the debate over making Space, Giving Voice with a review of the concerns in Monday’s paper.

Trustees urged to throw out guide for diversity
The Daily News
Monday, January 19, 2009
Pages one and three

A new teaching guide that promotes diversity in the classrooms may soon be introduced to schools throughout the province, but not without opposition from some in the religious community.

Making Space, Giving Voice is currently in draft form, and will be the Ministry of Education’s newest addition to the curriculum once completed.

The language used in the guide stresses the importance of concepts such as social justice and tolerance, especially among those students and staff who have different beliefs, opinions or lifestyles to the mainstream.

However, it isn’t the premise of the guide that Prince Rupert’s pastors have a problem with, it’s what they call “discriminatory language used against our religious beliefs.â€

well MY Grade 6 and 7 teacher read the bible every morning and did prayer

So we have definitely strayed from the original intent of this thread so seeing that we are going down memory lane.

I went to school in Vancouver during the '60’s.  I seem to remember Bible reading and the Lord’s prayer at my public school (good old Van Tech) up to grade 8 (1964).  I remember the teacher chuckling at my pronunciation of victual.  I said “vic chew all”.  Who would have thunk “vittle”.  Did a google search and discovered that victual occurs 22 times in the Bible.  Might have been this verse.  And forget the fact that schools should be secular.  What meaning does this have to poor grade 8 kids who can’t even pronounce vittle?

And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough which they brought forth out of Egypt, for it was not leavened; because they were thrust out of Egypt, and could not tarry, neither had they prepared for themselves any victual.