What smartphone & what service provider to get in Rupert

Haven’t own a cell phone for 6 years so going from zero to hero. Looking to get a smartphone (not sure what yet) and confused with which service provider to go with – Citywest, Telus, Rogers, Bell via Port Ed? Are those all my options living in Prince Rupert? The features I require most are the instant access to my email, and planning/organizing features such as calendar/day planner and of course calling services. I will make frequent long distance phone calls to Vancouver and within the Northwest (Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat mostly) and a lot of these calls are lengthy so need a good long distance plan. I travel to Vancouver, Terrace and Smithers frequently too so I should be thinking about roaming right? I’ve never text 'ed and rarely do I instant message so not really sure how important those features are to me but I’m sure I’ll get hooked if I give it a go. I like the built in GPS function on the new Blackberries as I am frequently lost when I travel.

So my question is this which phone and which provider best suit my needs? I have learned from this site that Rogers is the most advanced being on the GSM system but I also think Rogers plans are the most expensive. I really like the idea of Citywest’s Canada talk unlimited (unlimited long distance from Canada to anywhere in North America for $100) but they are the most criticized for being so behind the times. I worry that Rogers My 5 will not be enough for the amount of different long distance numbers I’ll dial. (more than 5). I know little of Telus and am confused about Bell as a stand alone provider versus the Citywest/Bell situation. Someone told me I can buy a bell phone in Terrace and ask for a Port ed number as between PR and PE the dialing is all considered local.

Any help appreciated.

I’m not sure if rogers does it (I think they do) but I know telus locks out GPS functionality unless you purchase their mapping application (telus navigator). I get it for free though because they failed to inform me before I signed with them.

I was a CityWest mobile customer, but, have recently switched to Rogers.  For the same cost as what I was paying at CityWest I get the same amount of minutes, plus I get 1500 free text messages per month with Rogers.  I’m not sure about GPS functionality though.
Rogers has GSM which is the world standard.

I am contemplating getting a Blackberry through Rogers.  Apparently I can walk out the door with a Blackberry for $99 bucks, with a pretty decent voice and data plan for $50 per month, with the option to have unlimited texts for $15.

Now I just (back in may) signed a new contract with city west.  Rogers buyouts are about $400 max.  I was thinking of getting the lowest possible city west package and giving to my kids to keep the citywest thing alive.  I currently have unlimited evening and weekends, 100 min monthly and unlimited texts with citywest, and free calling with citywest customers.  And my bill is still usually about $140 permonth.

What does a guy do?

How long is your contract with CityWest for?

$140 a month for what your paying i think your a little off on your numbers there. no way its that much

Is it rogers or citywest only or can you get telus and Bell here too?

Unless there’s a specific reason you’re going with a Blackberry, you should really consider the iPhone instead.  Just the browser alone is worth it, not to mention all the apps.

Hmmm. thanks Mig. The clerks at East wind are telling me blackberry over iPhone unless I’m really an avid user of all the features/apps which I am not as I haven’t owned a smartphone of any sort. They also mentioned that typing on the iphone is harder unless I am used to tapping a screen versus pushing buttons which is more like using a keyboard which I am used to. They also suggested kids like the phone and adults like the Blackberry. I guess that attests to your youthfulness! My friends that own MACS ove their iPhone for the syncing abilities but I am a PC. Why is the browser worth it over other phones? Thanks for your help.

The iPhone has probably the best mobile browser.

It has more than 100,000 apps available.  The keyboard learns how you type and automatically corrects, and you can use it in landscape or portrait.  The multi-touch interface is intuitive and easy.  Pinch to zoom in and out.

Take a look through here:  http://www.apple.com/iphone/  and especially here:  http://www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone/

It has an iPod built in, a GPS, accelerometer and compass.  All of which are used in crazy ways (ie: tilt the phone to play video games, shake it to shuffle songs).

You should actually try both for a bit before buying.  

It syncs just fine with a Windows PC as well, using iTunes.

If you have time and want to read lots of details:  http://bit.ly/ebN4n

“Deathmatch rematch: BlackBerry versus iPhone 3.0”

The summary:  “For everyone else, the BlackBerry is yesterday’s mobile messenger, way past its prime and heading toward retirement. The iPhone is light-years ahead of the BlackBerry on almost every count. RIM should be ashamed.”  and “the BlackBerry is a Pinto in an era of Priuses.”

You don’t need an iphone unless you actually plan on using everything that is available with it.  If you’re just looking for a phone that calls and texts then a blackberry should be fine. 

The topic is “what smartphone” – which means more than just calling and texting.  Any cheap/free “non-smart” phone will do those.

Note where he says he wants to do e-mail, use GPS, have an organizer.

I picked the BB over an iphone and don’t regret it at all. For me the iphone felt too much like a toy and not enough like the tool I wanted it to be.

That is of course my personal opinion and I’m sure the apple fanboys will come in here to tell me how I am wrong.

I do agree though the blackberry browser sucks donkey dicks. Opera mini rocks though.

I had the exact opposite opinion – I couldn’t use a Blackberry, because it wasn’t the tool I wanted it to be.  It felt like I was in some weird 1995 operating system.  Made for some strange combination of windows and mouse pointers.  Like everything they added to it was an afterthought.  Let’s just bolt this in here, and add this bit in here, etc. 

I’m sure the Blackberry fanboys will come in here to tell me how I am wrong, and how wonderful it is to live in the past.

I’ve never had an Iphone, but I have a Blackbery for work and I can tell you that the browser sucks butt.

i agree the Blackberry browser is bad.  I still don’t think the iphone is worth it though.  I heard the gps on the new Droid phones is vastly superior to the gps on the iphones.

So even though the iPhone beats the Blackberry, and is the same price, you still don’t think it’s worth it?  Great logic.

The Droid has the same GPS chip that the iPhone has, by the way.  Do you mean turn-by-turn navigation?  If you don’t like the built-in Google maps app on the iPhone, you can just download one of the hundreds of other navigation apps.

For me, the real reason the iPhone wins over the Blackberry is that you get a full unix OS underneath.  You can even use Jesus’s favourite apt-get to install a bunch of your favourite tools, or compile them yourself.

I have a 7-11phone and an ipod touch, for me i love the little browser and all the cool apps
i would love to get an iphone so i dont have to carry so much, i agree with mig, i hate the blackberry, even the storm which is trying to copy the iphone, on the second version they still have not gotten it right, for me the keyboard would be worth it, i hate t9 texting
i have my music, my pictures, and movies in my pocket.

thats my two cents

I dunno what it’s like in Canada but in the US, most Blackberry models are way cheaper than the iPhone.

Is it worth getting the 3GS iPhone?  Does a 3G with the upgrade do most of the same things as a 3GS?  I’ve been wanting an iPhone for a year now… and I believe I’ll have one by December… I just can’t decide which one to get.