What Prince Rupert NEEDS!

:astonished: A Dog Park!!!  :astonished:

Every city has a dog park and it seems EVERYONE in rupert has
a dog… …and every 2nd person has a pitbull…

We need to develop some area on the island for a nice dog park,
a big open field and maybe a nice walking path that goes around it.

There is just too much dog crap all over town… its got really bad…
people let there dogs crap right down town on the main street!

Its actually kinda weird how we dont really even have a real park!

if you look around town, we have all these tot parks (that are EMBARRASSING!,poorly maintained)
we have the waterfount park, and mariners park, neither are really parks.

I think its about time we get a real park in this town.

What about McClymont park. I haven’t been right in there for awhile but isn’t that big enough for dogs to run around and shit in?

Talking about McClymont Park , hats off to the SPCA who had a very successful Sunday for the Paws Cause and I think they did real well with close to 4,000.00 dollars . Great tube steaks were had by many . Well done Rupert SPCA .

yes its great, I use it daily.

There is Dog trails to stroll my man.  I would be appalled as I’m sure you would if the city dropped money into a dog park, when kids parks all over town are in negligent states of disrepair.

  Thank you :smiley:  But I need to give a giant HOORAH for all the community folks who came down to support us and the work that our shelter does. We had a great time, great animals, fabulous owners, great prizes and a BIG thank you to all the volunteers. Thank you Nelson, you were a super MC :smiley:    And finally to the powers that be, thanks for finally giving us sunshine on a day the shelter holds an outdoor event!!!

You know what rupert needs. An Idoor Skatepark, or atleast Lights at the skatepark.

You know it, I know it, skateboarding and especially Mountain Biking is getting waaay more popular in BC since Freeride MT Biking became so popular and since the Drop-In crew came to town a few years ago. Our town rains alot, and skateboarders cant skate in the rain, or even on wet cement. The Mountain Bikers can, but its very dangerous. People are always complaining about how the kids are biking or boarding at the Pride, but thats cause they have no where else to go at night or when its raining.

If they atleast put in lights at the skatepark for night, Im not talking about like 3 in the morning but when it gets dark between 7-12pm, then the kids will stop goin to the pride and stop causing problems for that old security guy also known as “The Pride Nazi” by the boarders/bikers.

A friend of mine actually talked to our mayor about it and the mayor said he was interested in it and he’d see what he could do, but did nothing. I think the mayor just said he was interested to end the conversation.

I think the mayor just said he was interested to end the conversation.

haha you think?  have you never met him?

I agree that the city needs more garbarge cans…People tend to just throw crap (dog too)on the ground because their is no garbage can to put it in…I have lived in a very big Asian city and the only way to combat garbage is by offering a place to put it…The next step is fines…Followed by isolation booth with Spice Girls cd on repeat…

Yep, more garbage cans would be a step in the right direction… especially down at the Civic Centre ballfields… there simply aren’t enough down there, and stuff ends up getting strewn all over.  Roosevelt field needs them too.

Perhaps if you had suggested the need for a trip out of town to look at other locations and how they handle the issue you’d be getting somewhere, I’m sure that there are a few folks on council more than willing to check out a road trip or two all in the name of civic improvement…

Heh heh.  You said ‘tube steaks’.

The indoor skate parks in china have much shorter ceilings. :smiley:

Raise more money and build a roof over the skatboard park, better then a new one… :imp:

Good idea ASStro…You wanna do something about that one …or maybe you can armchair quaterback it.

You’re a piece of work, you don’t know how many organizations I chair do you, shut your pie hole freak.

I am sorry chairman Astro…my pie hole will close

Woah, wait a minute here. EVERY park is a dog park in this town. What we need is a PEOPLE park.

Woot woot for the SPCA doing well on the walk!
The turn out very was nice, thanks to all who participated.

The waterfront is a really popular place to take dogs to as well.
…one issue I want to raise is about people having their dogs off leash and without a muzzle knowing their dog should not be without one…bad things can happen.

I’ve heard of an incident that happened earlier this week of a larger dog running up to a smaller dog…I guess the larger one grabbed the small one, and shook it like a rag doll…
The small dog had to be rushed to the vet, and unfortunately there was nothing they could do to help him since one of his lungs was punctured. Sad story.

Owners of both the dogs were very upset, of course.
The tragic event could have been prevented by simply putting the muzzle on.

So if you know your dog sometimes doesn’t get along with other animals, that is the best thing to do…because you never know.

Another thing to think about…All dogs must be on their leash…according to city bylaw.  That would have prevented the little dog being killed.  The only thing is the bylaw officer rarely (that I have seen) issues tickets for dogs being off the leash.

Another issue I have with dogs along the waterfront…the IGNORANT owners who dont pick up after their dogs.  I used to take my kids to the waterfront but you cant walk through the grass at kwinitsa without stepping in dog shit!  Thats completely ignorant.