What kind of business do u think Prince Rupert needs?

Isn’t there a paintball group that get together in the summer?  Maybe there would be someone in amongst the members who could advise you on some of the logistics of that kind of business also.

Wont ever happen, would never be able to make the rent for the building

You would be surprised, Very viable once you crunch the numbers,  With just drop in days you would have 50 plus people a day just on weekends, at a very low price of $40 (for 4 hours of play) for marker, mask, air and some paintballs (500). Thats $2000 a day, minus your costs. 
Where you make the real money is the paint,  500 balls is nothing,  most, if not all will buy another 500 to 1000. That is another $2500 to $5000 for the day.

So with just Saturday/Sunday games you would could make from  36,000 to 56,000 before costs,  add in stags, parties, friday nights, etc…

Not business minded so I could be daed wrong and am missing some things,  insurace, rent, etc…  still could be very profitable.

I won’t do it,  but will be willing to consult for a deal on paint and membership once its up and running. :smiley:

I would love to see this happen in Rupert,  and have come close myself to doing it.  My time at a job I love, and my commitment to my family which I love even more keeps me from it.

This would be a perfect thing to bring to the dragons den coming up soon.  Both for its profit margin, and because it supports the community it is in so the dragons might be more apt to go in on it.

If anyone is interested,  I would be more than willing to give feedback, info, industry contacts(marker dealers, paintball dealers etc…),  I might even be willing to go help present it to the Den. 

There are well over 200 paintballers in Rupert and and that many more kids/adults who would love to play the sport so this could work.

what about miller bay it use to be a fish farm.I wonder who owns that property?Do u know expat that kasiks resort offers paintball games.And i know it rains here lots but doesn’t rupert have the best forests and such for a good game of paintball.I would like to see a area like miller bay turned into a games place.With go-carts,video games,mini-golf,etc…


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:mud wrestling!!!with all the rain we don’t need to purchese mud that stuff is homemade right here!!!lol

i think the area beside the golf course on wantage road where guys atv etc is perfect for minigolf/ go carts atv track , paintball its perfect close to town . walk if you have to lots of potential

One job opportunity I really expected would have been realized  by now is some sort of operation which utilizes the cheap shipping opportunity to China. Raw logs doesnt really do anything for the local economy, but, maybe value added, like Cedar shakes or something like that could be relatively easy to start up.
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A valiant effort,  and good on you for appologizing.  If there was still a Karma button I would give you a +1

[quote=“chiefdave”]PS:sorry for the earlier troll. :unamused:

Don’t worry, I find it very hilarious actually.  :-D

[size=1]I feel like someone is going to chase me with pitchforks and torches at this point… ^^^[/size]

You go right ahead…thats the old dump…theres a reason why its not developed.  I remember a few years ago there was a proposal to build some soccer and softball/baseball fields there…it didn’t happen because it wasn’t safe.  :neutral_face:

Sort of random thoughts:

  1. Good on you for doing some preliminary market research and tapping into the Forum to get people brainstorming.

  2. If you think that any of the suggestions are worthwhile, be sure to spend some time and money doing more research.  It is  a lot easier on the wallet and ego to spend a couple of thousand and then decide that something will not be feasible, than it is to rashly jump into something with $10k or your life savings and then find out it is not economically feasible (I suspect you already know this but it does bear repeating).

  3. If you are looking for a large space, possibly even multiple rooms, why not chat with the local school district. I suspect that they might be quite happy to rent a school for the cost of the heat.  Actually, the way our population is going they might be soon able to rent 2 or 3!

  4. Speaking of play spaces, one of the things this town lacks is a dry play space for young kids.  I 've always thought that a school could be outfitted into a really great indoor/outdoor play space for kids.  An admission fee could be charged to cover heat/insurance/staffing etc.  Alternatively, now that the City has agreed that Prince Rupert is kid-friendly and the School District is in the business of educating kids from 0-99 perhaps they could team up and grab some grants and make such a space part of the recreation program.  I suspect the government would be delighted to find a  use for surplus schools that could be used in a number of towns.

  5. You commented about franchises being difficult to compete with.  If you like the idea of using a school as a playspace/paintball hangout be aware that there are numerous closed schools in the province.  Perhaps you should consider finding some financial backing and franchise the concept.  I seem to remember that the dragon den program is coming to town  for auditions.

Perhaps not something Rupert needs, but could be an idea for a new prosperous business…a Tim Hortons WITH A DRIVE THRU!!!  I absolutely hate waiting in line at Tim Hortons here and rarely go there for that reason.  The place is always busy.  I know franchise costs are high but if you have the startup cash…I think that would be a good idea! 

I would love tim hortons drive thru!!!

Only person who can do that is the person with the franchise rights to Prince Rupert. Nobody but the current Timmies guy can open another location here.


  ya… I can’t find a parking space, and I really don’t want to go inside, so whats the holdup… git 'er done… they could make a lot more money too

not to cause a stir …but the mall parking lot parallels the Tim Horton’s.

but the malls waaay too busy to spare any spaces  :smiley: :smiley:

I think that’s the city’s decision, not tim hortons. It was set to be a tim hortons, but because of the location, couldn’t be turned into a drive thru because of safety issues. Don’t ask me what those are, I don’t know. I just remember hearing something, ages ago, about a drive thru being denied.