What kind of business do u think Prince Rupert needs?

I’m doing reseach on what direction i should take my business.I was curious what Rupertites are looking for.For example: family or adult based  restaurant  or comedy club or night club or other service business that could work in the north coast?

I don’t think PR will get any new businesses, as this town is going BACKWARDS and all the local store owners and other Businesses merchants are afraid of a lil competition. That’s why you don’t see any chain stores or new businesses coming to town they are all locally owned.

Ooops read your post wrong… I would like to see another nightclub, the Underground is a death trap and stinks, The Commercial still has the same clientel from back in the 70’s and is ready to cave in or burn down, Jhonny B’s… well some of us just dont fit in there, a comedy club will not be good here as every one here thinks they are comedians. Every small and big canadian town has a Canadian tire but us?? sucks having to drive to terrace for stuff that our Rona or HH should be carrying, not having to wait for them to order what you want and wait 2wks for it to get here.

Anyways good luck on your new business and I will be sure to stop by when you open :smiley:

We dont need an MMA store  :smiley:

I like the idea of a comedy club…I just dont think we have the population numbers for it to work.  Maybe as a monthly thing it might go over well…just need a venue.

What kind of thing interests you?? Start there and devise a business plan.  If you get into a business that your not interested in - your motivation will likely fizzle out, and then you wont enjoy it.
Are you going into the SEB program?? Look into it - its good stuff if you qualify  :smile:

SEB???Where do i get information on program?

oh ok through hecate strait i found the info thanks

  and don’t forget to call ajaye… he is ready to cheer you on… :smiley:

we need a chucke cheese or bubba baloos like in prince george

Years ago I looked into the idea of an indoor playground/jungle gym…the startup costs were too high.  Insurance on that kind of place is pretty scary too, At first glance its a great idea - but the income potential for a population this size just didnt cut it.  If someone can come up with the startup without the need for loans then maybe it could work but its a heavy investment. 
I would be an avid user :smiley:

If you have any questions about the SEB program, just pm I know the program has slightly changed over the years but I’m familiar with it.

We need a new bowling alley… or someone to lease the one that has been closed since July :frowning:

A family fun centre would be a GREAT thing to have, but yes, costs are HUUUUUUGE.

and I herd a rummer the commercial is closing

I think a high volume lo cost necessity store or coop with diapers,toilet papper, rice potato like every day stuff.Also free delivery to the planes and ferry for the villages would do OK in a tough economy

If anybody out there has an idea I have a building and i am flexible .I ran a second hand store it wasn’t a bad gig but I know now that 80% of a successful venture is keeping your books in order .I do have faith in this town i was around when it was booming and that was something to see the streets were filled with body’s night and day

As suggested previously by ‘decker’ in ‘How to become a millionnaire in Prince Rupert’:

“how about selling a new and improved typing tutor that corrects spelling and grammar?”

Personnally, I still believe that decker’s first and original idea should be seriously considered now that I’m thinking about it.


A stroller shop and refurbishing centre seem like it would do some crazy business in our town! :imp:!
But seriously we do have a very high proportion of babies and childeren, but I guess they dont really have any money…?

I refuse to feed Cheifdave’s Troll… :unamused:

But my input would be indoor paintball,  I have looked into it as it is a personal interest of mine.  It can be very profitable,  and the start up cost is not as much as you would think.  You buy paintballs for about $0.05 a ball and sell for about $0.10 a ball.  Not alot at first glance but at 2000 balls a case and on a good night you would sell 8 to 10 cases.

Weather wise it fits our town,  and with alot of weekend warriors, edrenalin junkies it would do well,  Birthday parties, weekend drop ins, stag parties,  games just before the night out, corprate parties…  and so on.

Why don’t I do it,  well two main reasons,  My schedual at work rotates so much that I woork 4/5 weekends in a row with 3/4 off,  and I would never get to play the sport I love…

Just need a very very large building,  or multi story building.

  This is my idea, we need a Donair shop. c/w all the sauces including sweet sauce. They are not healthy but damn good. I guess they could be healthy but that would detract from the appeal.
  They used to have a paintball up by franks auto, it was indoor and fun as heck.

One thing is i already have the building and a business that is running but would like to change to something more viable.The casino is pretty much eating up the competition!So i would like to provide a different service.My business is a restaurant/bar and there are to many of the same in Rupert.Bars are a dying breed.Restaurants are hard to make a living if your not a brand name.As advertising is so expensive brand names speak for themselves.Tried Boston pizza franchise but parking was an issue and to expensive to build a parking lot where I’m located.I do like the fact that Rupert doesn’t have box stores and brand name but for the little guy ,when they(big box/brand name)come into town we’re toast we can’t compete with their big budgets.So do i ride the train or do i stay with the what i have now?

This I do like but wouldn’t work in my exsiting business but good idea as my family would love that too…