What happened to Cisco class was it 2003?

Hey what happened to everyone in cisco… im just getting back into HTMF! i have been gone forever BUT IM BACK! anyway i want to see whats sup with all of you guys …i saw Eso a few years ago at UBC and i know dylan is a computer programmer in victoria…anyway feedback = nice!

cisco is dead… :open_mouth:

Muahahahahahaa muahahhahahahh muhahahah …oh


I died my collar’s blue. I’m an apprentice mechanic at Rainbow Chrysler. I’ll be down in Vancouver for training March 29 to May 6.

Funny thing is, it was my geek skillz that got me to where I am. When I was on Dean’s vacation from UBC, I got a summer job at Chrysler washing cars. Nobody there knew how to work a computermajig, so I created a position for myself. Then I service advisored for a year or two, until I realized how much that sucks, and now I just bang my knuckles on things.

You must have been very special to get the Dean to give you a vacation.

Going to SFU for the moment, taking a bit of everything. Running a College Pro Painting franchise this summer, and hoping to make a cool $30,000 to relax with for a semester while I figure stuff out.

I’m still here, I log in regularly but I hardly post (I guess I’ve got nothing intelligent to say)…

It’s funny, we were talking TCP/UDP today at work and I was like “Wow, I actually remember something from Cisco”.

[quote=“dilly”] (I guess I’ve got nothing intelligent to say)…

Most intelligent thing anyone said in a long time.

Yah im working…Work sucks im a nazi now working for telus… Yes thats right im a Technician for telus…BLAH… i run in most of the ADSL and phone lines in the lower mainland…well in vancouver anyway and trouble shoot lines and stuff… WOOT school got me somewhere… A position as the anti christ. When your DSL goes down…sometimes just sometimes thats probably me wiring retarded on a hungover morning after an sfu pub night.


Woah! I thought he said Disco.

Bringing it back from the dead. Anybody still out there?

Did Cisco involve any 802.11x stuff at the time?

Not really, although I know we talked about it in class alot just amongst ourselves.


I died my collar’s blue. I’m an apprentice mechanic at Rainbow Chrysler. I’ll be down in Vancouver for training March 29 to May 6.[/quote]

Substitute February 20 to March 31 of this year, and I’m still doing the exact same thing one year later.

Actually, I ran into Zoltan a few months ago at Solly’s, when he was on strike from Telus.

…and I remember running into him at some party eying up the fresh meat.

I’ve heard conflicting reports of College Pro. Did the money turn out as good as you hoped?


Woah! I thought he said Disco.[/quote]

Bringing back disco or Cisco?

Edit: Sorry, I’m on dangling modifier patrol 8)

My grandfather hired them to paint his house a few years ago, and said they did such shitty work that he payed them to leave.