What food franchises would you like to see here?

I would not mind a Boston Pizza or an A&W

I would much rather see a nice family owned business with good food than the garbage sold by bp/a&w. There is absolutely NO good place to eat in rupert. The crest is as close as it gets and its average at best.

The likelihood of any new chain or family owned restaurant opening in rupert is of course next to none given that even more people are out of work thanks to the fish plant.

I would like to see a Ben and Jerrys or some other type of Ice Cream franchise, maybe in the old KFC building.

I’d like to see Brad’s move into town and operate a drive-in style diner heh

what are Brad’s hours these days?


Oh Brads moving into town as a drive in would be very cool.

For chains I want KFC

Rupert’s an odd place – a restaurant on every corner, and no where to eat. I’d love to see a Boston Pizza here. If I’m going really pie-in-the-sky, the Keg or Moxie’s. Frankly, any place that’s well-run with a good menu, good staff and good service would be very welcome.

wouldn’t it be nice to have a steakhouse in town? I would love a Keg or Montana’s or even a good chicken place like Swiss Chalet…

I would like another drive thru joint. Don’t really care which one.

I still have a soft spot for Mr. Mike’s even though much has changed over the years.

Burger King, put EVERYTHING else out of business lols

Pita Pit!!! Yom!

Have a Triple-O (White Spot tacked onto a Chevron station) there yet? Shocked you don’t have A & Rubberchew, they’re everywhere.

Rupert at one point did have an A&W but they closed down, and we also once had a MR Mikes, it was located in the Ocean centre mall
Personally i want a good pizza joint, one that does not 1.) have pizza so greasy you can see through the cardboard box (Pizza Hut). 2.) not overwhelmed with cheese (Panago). At the moment the only place in town that makes good pizza is Seahorse Trading in the Atlin Terminal.
What i would like to see in rupert is something with a salad bar (pizza hut dont count) or some kind of buffet joint
But the one guy had it right, you cant walk more then 15 feet in this town without running into a eatery of some kind. There are a lot of good places in rupert, Breakers, Herbies, West end (they have the best burgers in town), Brads, Naomi’s in the mall. These are all good places where the food is good and they wont burn a hole in your wallet

Taco Time!!! OK - not the best food - but I miss it and like it.

A & Rubberchew…LMFAO…thanks…

Prince George has a bunch of new places
Taco Del Mar (Mierda) a red you know what better than Taco Time
Phat Burger - not too bad at all, the retro 50’s decor is pretty cool. Their big burger is too big to eat!
Booster Juice - lineups all the time. Silly thing is ppl pay $3.50 for a shot of squeezed grass. They clip it from little plastic trays of grass, then chuck that part away. I wonder why they don’t water it and put it in the window and grow it back?
Opa’s - Greek food quick. The calamari’s a meal at an appy price
Pita Pit - my daughter the vegan bought me lunch there. Most disgusting crap I ever tasted in chemical laced Dempster’s phoney pita.

I love pita pit!


A Harvey’s would be nice, not going to happen, but it would be nice.