What are your beliefs?

What r your beliefs?

Wow. This will end well.  :neutral_face:

LOL.  We will see. :smiley:

I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.  HAHA Nacho Libre!!!



Get our your fire hose as I can already see a couple of our HTMF members spewing fire as the votes are tallied and you know who you are… Can’t wait to see what happens…Fun :smiley: Yes, I voted!

Seems pretty calm to me, no problems:-)

I believe in God and that God exists if we want him to in are heart and he is there for us when we truly believe

I believe that whatever anyone believes on the subject of belief is inconsequential and best kept to ourselves.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that tacos are delicious.

I share in your belief system.  Tacos are divine. :smile:

I believe those that feel the need to believe in a higher power are week minded individuals seeking meaning to their otherwise sad pathetic lives.  Personally I live my life for today and enjoy every minute of it. Living your life in hopes you will get to “heaven” and have an eternity of happiness seems quite retarded to me.

True, but it distracts me from having to think about living in this stinkhole.

If you aren’t happy there then move. I did many others did as well it’s not easy but making yourself happy is worht it. You only get this life so live it to make yourself happy, if you find someone else who  can share it with ya cool if not meh.

not to speak for anybody else here but i have it on good faith that MadMax believes all men should parade up and down the streets of Port Ed in nothing more then a piece of sewing thread. 


Rollins, not all beliefs are true,
for example

the belief that that there is something bigger than a peenut between your ears.

I believe in myself and the Golden Rule…it has always served me well. Anything more than that is just a waste of my time, IMHO.

Oh and I’ll third the taco comment, esp. with hot sauce and a Coke.

Umm… amen?

The golden rule…ah let me see. 
Who ever has the most gold…rules:-)

I had to buy an epic mount for my warrior, so I’m low on gold :frowning: