What are you listening to right now?

Gimme Shelter…Rolling Stones.

This album was actually recorded about 40 miles from where I grew up in Alabama. Muscle Shoals sound studio. The old one. They built a newer one they still use today. But back in the old days, you could go from the control room out onto a back porch and watch the river go by.


Martin Sexton “Glory Bound”

Galactic Cowboys, space in your face .

Zaz - Je veux


Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd.




A morning of Koko Taylor and Howlin’ Wolf

Not sure if this was typical but my playlist Yesterday (the Beatles) went something like this

Early in the Morning (Bobby Darin) - My Woman, My Woman, My Wife (Marty Robbins)
Saturday in the Park (Chicago) - Friends (Bette Midler)
Late in the Evening (Paul Simon) - Radio Radio (Elvis Costello)
After Midnight (Eric Clapton) - Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan)
All Through the Night (Cyndi Lauper) - Rain on the Roof (Lovin’ Spoonful)-

For Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2), I want Shelter from the Storm (Dylan) because I am entering the The Fox (Peter Paul and Mary) Run Run Run (Velvet Underground)

And though Tomorrow is a Long Time (Dylan) I’d like Sunshine on My Shoulders (John Denver) but I expect another Blue Monday (Ray Charles)

In sum, this Old Man (Neil Young) likes Rock and Roll Music (Chuck Berry)

The Decemberists - Rox in the Box

Cause’ we could all use a little right now.


Judas Priest, Metal works '73-'93, CD1, in FLAC format.


Led Zeppelin- The Triump Rehearsals. Originally a Japanese release.

Rare stuff. From Dec. 5th 2007.


Rammstein, Made in Germany, 2011.


Jethro Tull, 40th anniversay special edition. 2 cd set, APE format.

Good stuff. All remastered. By far one of the most interesting bands of the 70’s. Incredible lyrics. I think Ian Anderson is an incarnation of some medieval wandering minstrel or something.

And yes, I have an extensive collection of MP3, FLAC and APE files.


Jefferson Airplane, after “Bathing At Baxters”. I had forgotten how good this album was.

Got to be OLD to remember this stuff, ha ha.


Mt Eden Dubstep Sierra Leone

What the hell you saying ?

Hooo I always try to remain progressive in this land of crap music these days (check my forum avatar picture for a reference to more “new age” real musicianship) but I can’t help from tendering the statement to you that: "disturbingly, and despite the “dance music feel”, and that despite the fact it’s techo crap, it’s that Mt Eden is the bandname and Dubstep is the “style” and Sierra Leone is the song name. And, for ambient music while you’re working on this and that, it’s actually not bad. "

When you’ve played guitar for a long time (in a past life when I had time) you begin to judge bands on their musicianship which in mainstream music these days, is almost non-existent. You know what is entertaining? This guy for instance, has some great musicianship! (He screwed up part of that beat by a 1/8th note though)

I love street musicians. The desire to express one’s self is a virtue in my book.

Listening to Hanzel und Gretel “Mein Kommandant”

Ding Ding Dong - Gunther