What are you listening to right now?


For my workouts, I just put my MP3 player on shuffle and take whatever comes. Today I relived my past. Ina Gada Da Vida- 17:00 minute version!


Commemorating 50 years of Amnesty International a four CD set of 73 covers of songs by Bob Dylan (who is celebrating 50 years as a recording artist).

It is remarkably good. The range of performers - the obvious (Baez, Seeger, Cash, Kristofferson) to the interesting (Townsend, Kravitz, Burden, Patti Smith, Jeff Beck) to the more contemporary (Adele, K’naan, Miley Cyrus and others I have never heard of)

All styles are covered. Reggae, Hip Hop Country, Rock and perhaps my favourite song of the bunch a Celtic Punk version of The Times They are a-Changing by some band called the Flogging Mollys.

You can get the CDs (and all proceeds go to Amnesty) for 20 bucks.


im listening to the windows login sound. God I hate that sound.


LOL!! “You touch my ta la la…”, good stuff. Made me recall some great memories screaming up the old island highway in a Dodge 300 with Gunther blasting on the stereo.

Right now just listened to Eva Cassidy’s version of “Son of a Preacher man” and “Oh, had I a golden thread”. Very talented woman with an unfortanate early demise. I was told recently that a movie about her will be released soon, look forward to it.



There’s an interesting story with Iron Butterfly. They arrived at Woodstock airport, but there was nobody there to meet them (huge traffic jam). They left in a huff and missed the concert. Bet they still kick themselves over that one.



Robbie Robertson, Native Americans album.



Santana Black Magic Woman


the dishwasher.


the sound of one hand clapping


Howard Stern


I have really been enjoying Dylan Rysstad’s latest CD. He is an excellant song writer, I think. Some are very Leonard Cohen-ish.


Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs (remixes)


I listen to Jimmy Buffett…Its 5 o’clock Somewhere :smile:


U can’t always get what you want! lol