Wendy's in Rupert?

Clever Prank… or soon to be a reality?

On the old DQ corner, there’s two red Wendy’s flags, one facing 3rd ave, and one facing McBride.  The one on McBride is covering a larger sign that says Coming Soon. 

We just spotted these tonight… have they been up for long??  Has anyone heard anything about it?

Interesting, but we’ve been down the path before eh! We’ll believe it all when we smell the grease in the air! :imp:

Wendys and Tim Horton’s are owned by the same company and in many centres run a combined operation, so I"m not sure if they’re ready to own two locations in a town of around 12000 or whatever we are now. If they were to come here though, you would think they would be a natural for that shopping mecca planned for the highway. 

You can read up on their history at the link below. I couldn’t find any links that said coming soon to a location near you.


It would be nice though, if only for the chance to have a frosty again. The Burgers at Wendys are ok, nothing like a Harvey’s mind you, but still choice would be nice. And I do remember the frosty’s being quite delectable.

Perhaps Mr. Lao and Mr. McSash have taken to a more visual approach to small town taunting??  :sunglasses: :astonished: :confused:

Well the flags seemed quite lame to us for sure… if it was a legit business going up I’d expect someone to actually have better made signs than the ones that are on display now.  At first I just thought someone stuck a coloured home-made sign up, but once we drove by again and took a closer look, we noticed they were actually cloth-like flags.

Wendys and Tim Horton’s are owned by the same company and in many centres run a combined operation, so I"m not sure if they’re ready to own two locations in a town of around 12000 or whatever we are now.[/quote]

This used to be true, but not any longer.  Wendy’s has spun off Tim Hortons, as it was cutting into Wendy’s business.  Tim’s is now a publicly-traded company.

I’ve seen the “combined” Wendys and Tims in towns about the size of Rupert – especially in the Northern states.  The combined stores are soon going to be a thing of the past, though.

Publicly-traded company… so Wendy’s is just a big shareholder of Tim Horton’s or something then?

Is it still safe to consider Tim’s a Canadian company then?

Wendy’s does not own Tim Hortons.  Wendys does not hold any shares of Tim Hortons.  It basically spun off the company. 

Some of the Wendy’s shareholders probably hold shares in both, as they were probably offered the shares first in the IPO.

Tim Hortons is part of the TSX composite index. 

Most Tim Hortons stores are owned by franchise owners.  They are usually local business owners.

Was it safe to consider Tim’s a Canadian company when it was wholly-owned by an Wendy’s (an American company)?

Ironically, the largest shareholder in Wendy’s was a Canadian :wink:

I think it’s more Canadian now than it was a year ago.


So Tims was basically owned by Wendy’s, an American company (with Tims founder Ron Joyce as the largest Wendy’s shareholder) until 2006.

Wendy’s spun off Tim’s earlier this year, selling 17 % of the company to the public.  Eventually, the remaining 83% of Tim’s was sold to Wendy’s shareholders.  So basically Tims is now publicly-traded.  Wendy’s has no control or interest in the company.

It was a good move, as Wendy’s sold Tim’s for $4 Billion, 10 years after paying $400 million for it.  10X profit!

Wow, Wendy’s 101, thanks for all the hard work on the story there Mig.  It’s a gratfeful nation that can now buy their doughnuts and coffee guilt free. I hope you didn’t do all that in depth work while visiting a Wendy’s though, it would make for an awful lot of Frosty’s consumed :unamused:

Yep, the Wendy’s sign is still there, just drove by there an hour or two ago.  Interesting. :smiley:

Wendy’s and Tim’s research was 5 minutes with wikipedia :wink:

Somebody should take a photo of the Wendys sign.  Then we can be nerds and analyze it and see if it’s a hoax or not.

LOL, well I’ll start off the nerd fest, the colour of the DQ building is the same colour as most of  your Wendy’s locations, that light mud brownish look. And, here’s a bonus point, they could run the drive through along that alley between the building and where the parking lot for DQ used to be above that old abandoned garage… Plus, they still have a kitchen and a counter and seats, green as they are, all they need is a coat of beige and it’s frosties for everyone… :sunglasses:

Start-up Costs & Franchise Fees

How much does it cost to open a Wendy’s franchise?

    Total Investment: $250,000-$600,000
    Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000
    Royalty Fee: 4%

If its going to open here, someone has some deep pockets.

Personally I think its a prank.

Hey I take no offense to the comment podunkiananmana…I think its a good laugh.  Who did put the sign up likes a to share a good laugh also, no one is going to move into that building…Those corporations have standards…and believe me the standards are not met at that location.  Drive through is the word of new and upcoming fast food establishments.  The best locations currently available is the old KFC building.  I cant believe they shut that down…if a KFC cant survive with a demographic like ours …then nothing can. That building is another eye sore…along with the mall. 
You have been had…it is a hoax…

I sort of felt the same way, especially when the FOR SALE SIGN is still being proudly displayed in the 3rd Avenue window.  Anyone could’ve gained access to the top of the structure (former parking lot) and hung the two wendy banners.  But hey, I’m only speculating on what I’ve seen.

Thank god.

Wendy’s truly has some horrible tasting food.

Yeah I chalked it up as a prank the minute I spotted it today. The flags look worn out and just happen to be located in the spots where anyone could post them. If it were true the For Sale sign would be gone and the announcements would be in the window.

Nice work by whomever posted them though.


The banner has been taken down, we can now go back to our regular rumour mongering… :imp:

Did a bit of research myself, found this review of a book by Ron Joyce, co founder of Tim Hortons.


Interesting quote regarding the sale of the company to the Wendy’s folks…

“Throughout the story, we’re treated to insight into just how hard-working, determined and visionary Ron Joyce is. Far rarer are the passages that indicate just how careless an operator Joyce could be; a rashness epitomized in his terrible deal to sell TDL to Wendy’s. Joyce fully admits the deal was a mistake, coming just short of admitting that he did not do due diligence when selling his company to the Americans.”

That and ouija board consulting bakers, topless donut servers and such just part of the book, which however doesn’t get the best of reviews ever offered up…

Waay too much time on our hands. 

I couldnt get a hold of any keg signs or those woulda went up.  It woulda beena new rumor.  I have been here 35yrs and that building has been there just as long with one minor exterior reno.

Needs to be bulldozed just like the old parker ford building on the corner.

If I had the necessasry investment dollars I would reno the old KFC buiding and do a Wendys/timmys drive thru.