Wendy's in Rupert?

Ah, yes, I remember when Parker Ford was still in business.  You likely also remember going to the Orm’s (spelling?) Drug Store, The Capital theater and what was that name of the toy store that was in the mall? 

Toycraft…I loved toycraft!

Ah, yes, I remember when Parker Ford was still in business.[/quote]

I remember when they  brought in an actual cougar and had it there for a promotion. Ahh the good ole days when you could do stuff like that. :smile:


Its logo at that time was “The Little Cheaper Dealer” and the license plate frames had little birdies on them.

Waay too much time on our hands.Â

I couldnt get a hold of any keg signs or those woulda went up. It woulda beena new rumor. I have been here 35yrs and that building has been there just as long with one minor exterior reno.[/quote]

Does this mean you guys did the Wendy’s sign?  Where did you get it printed?

lame… a wendys wouldnt be too bad here in rupert better than nasty ass mcdicks … the only time mcdicks taste good is when your hung over…

So what really is planned for that building? It once had two stores in it (the skateboard/bike shop), so I bet it could be used in two ways. I personally don’t think it suits a restaurant, but with some renovations, and basically a complete makeover, it could be used for a chain store that doesn’t demand a large structure.

Oh and, in the picture on the first page, Rinse Rupert really does look fricken’ empty. Must have been on a Sunday.

I don’t think it was Ruins that was in that little closet was it?  I went in there a couple times and bought some stickers for my softbal helmet but that’s about it.  I did frequent the hockey card/collectibles store that was on the corner though… they had that awesome baseball style pinball game where you could win baseball cards.  Oh the money I spent in there.  That game then went into the collectibles store that used to be beside the Royal Bank… I can’t remember if it was the same store or not.

Anyways… that building would be good for something… but it definately needs a little TLC first.

Yeah, I even remember the radio ads, complete with the little bird chirps.

As for burgers, if I were still living in Rupert and I was craving some ground beef goodness, I’d MUCH rather go to La Gondola or the Green Apple any day of the week and twice on Sundays before going to any fast food place.  Sure you wait a bit for the burger but they’re much better than any chain place I’ve ever been to.

i think it was rayz board shop, definitely wasnt ruins.

I crave Kernel Tuckies once in awhile. Their fried chicken and green cole slaw is an appetite which only KFC can satisfy. I know that everytime I do get the chance to indugle, I’m feeling ill, but dang, what use to be a once a year meal is like every other decade now. It sure would be nice to see a KFC move back into the neighbourhood.

I vaguely remember Orm’s drugstore too, but just the name.  Where was it located?

Corner of Fulton and 3rd AVenue across from the Bank of Commerce, kitty corner to city hall if memory serves correct.

Ormes Drugs closed in the 80’s, and then Shoppers took over in that spot.  Now it’s home to The Gym.

That’s right, I remember now.  Thanks!