Vote for Frank Slubowski … 13-phase-i
Prince Rupert’s Hockey Star

Good luck getting the word out.

Looks like you have your work cut out for you though, some of the other players seem to have a pretty significant lead at the moment.

Well if he is from Prince rupert we have to try! voting started Jan 7. I just saw a a card with his info on it.

No argument here, just commenting on the vote count.

It’s like a Chicago election, vote early, vote often.

393 votes OH YEAH

He has 599 votes now you can vote everyday!

How long is voting open?

The first round of fan voting for the Hobey Baker Award starts Jan. 7

As college hockey enters the second half of the season, fans of the collegiate game can now help determine the winner of the 2013 Hobey Baker Award.

Awarded annually to college hockey’s top player, the Hobey Baker’s highly popular fan-voting phase opens at noon CT on Monday, January 7. Fans can cast their vote, here.

This first phase of fan balloting will run now through March 10, 2013. Phase two of fan balloting will begin on March 22 from the list of Top Ten Hobey Baker finalists. The fans’ vote accounts for a full 1 percent of the total ballot in each phase in selecting this year’s award recipient.

Award criteria include candidates emulating the exceptional character traits exhibited by the award’s namesake, Hobey Baker. An American super-hero, Baker was a World War I fighter pilot and was known as America’s greatest amateur athlete in his day, excelling at hockey and football while starring for Princeton. Award candidates must demonstrate strength of character both on and off the ice, contribute to the integrity of his team and display outstanding skills in all phases of the game. Consideration should be given to scholastic achievement and sportsmanship.

Key Hobey Baker announcement dates for 2013 include:
•Top Ten list of candidates: March 21
•Hobey Hat Trick of three finalists: April 3
•Hobey Baker Award announcement: April 12

Follow the official Twitter page of Hobey Baker Award @HobeyBakerAward and ‘Like’ the award’s Facebook page.

1487 votes a few minutes ago…vote every day folks. He’s on full scholarship, a good student, a great goalie, and born and raised here in Prince Rupert.

Don’t think we can beat the 10,000 high vote, but let’s see how far we can take him.

We are at 2020 votes now, we just need to get him in the top 10 and then start over again with gusto.

How many more for top 10?

Well based on my count he is in the top 10 now. I just counted the ones in the 1000’s and there are 10 players. Not bad when I posted this, he was at 100 votes.

Here are the standings as of 4:44 today way to go remember vote every day.

2981 votes, 3rd place…keep voting…every day!

Pretty crazy how many votes #2 , #3 have.

3292 votes, I tweeted chtk 2days ago they ran it on the channel 7 news last night. Frank has made it in the top 3, lets catch the #1 spot. Now I tweeted CBC George strombolopous let’s see if he does the story
Just tweeted Globaltv too.

3609 now. VOTE VOTE VOTE

3759 Vote every day everyone. Keep Frankie near the top! Let’s make sure he makes it to round 2!

3770 now!