Vote for Frank Slubowski

3874 a few minutes ago! Have you voted today? VOTE EVERY DAY!!

4115 now…keep on voting and spread the word fans!

4312 votes. VOTE VOTE VOTE Frank is #3…let’s keep him in the top 10!

I’ve been voting!!!

It’s addictive!

It’s a good addiction…4446 votes…VOTE EVERY DAY!!

I’ve voted for Frank. Looked like he was in 4th place when I last checked.

4609 votes…keep the votes coming in!

4720 a few minutes ago…keep voting everyone…remember to vote every day!!

4825 now, thanks to everyone who are voting every day. Spread the word, the more votes, the better!

You can watch Frank right now on channel 19 in Prince Rupert…might be more fun than the Canucks :smile:

and a good clean game played by Frank and his teammates (they won)…not like those canuckleheads…boo, Bieksa…that was a cheap shot.

Keep on voting fans…4985 so far today. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Still in 3rd place?

Yes he is still in 3rd. 5 votes from 5000.

5057…keep on voting fans!

Needs top 10 to go to next round, right?

5173 now…keep voting everyone…every day…keep Frank in the top three.

VOTE VOTE VOTE … 5317 !!

Now 5503 votes…keep voting fans!