Video (sound clip) of TT 351

Yeah! It runs, and it’s got hte turbos hooked up… listen for yourself!

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

That is insane! Dude, you’re my hero also.

Boy I’m glad I moved out of town. That sound plus the sound system you will probably end up putting in it would have surely woke me out of my deepest sleep.

She’s my sleeping baby. Damn, I need to get a DV camera for the first burnout in case the rear end, tranny or driveshaft decide to blow up. It’d be a shame to NOT have it on film. Good film.

On the topic of boost… I took a brand new cement bulker for my road test today. The thing is rocket! I was fiddling with the DataStar trying to get some torque and HP numbers up on the screen while cruising the streets, but could only get boring percentages and other numbers that didn’t mean all that much to me… Like Engine Output % and temperatures of various drivetrain components for a couple examples… However, I did manage to find the ‘Turbo Pressure’ figures and even at around 1500RPM this monster is pushing ~51PSI of boost and getting less than 1Km per Litre, which is insane! Not as insane as our smaller chemwagon, nicknamed ‘the Ferrari’ which is a small bodyjob with an 18speed Eaton Fuller and 490hp 14.6L Cat. You can start in 4th and shift staright to 9th before you’re thourgh any intersection… Faster than most the GMC pickups of the fleet. Oh, that reminds me of some new corporate bullshit that just came into play. All vehicles with a GVW of 5500lbs or more now requires a ‘land guide’ for backing up… give me a break, that includes pickup trucks, like COME ON PEOPLE!

man, never underestimate newfies…

Tang, pilot license, now big truck license? What are you planning? Whatever it is, I’m already impressed.

Wow, I’d love to see the turbo that feeds this thing! Diesel’s are so much better for large amounts of boost. Any gas engine would have been combusting it’s own main bearings by that point.

Id like to know how this gets 50psi at 1500rpm… I think maybe they have difeent impellers on the turbo. Thats the only way this could happen… have a small impeller on the exaust side and a large one on the air intake side… Humm… :open_mouth:

Varible geometry turbocharger. It uses a rotating collar around the turbine to “jet” the exhaust at varying angles.

That explains it

Student loan payments :wink: Oh, and I need the Class 1 to drive my unit to the worksites.

CLICK HERE for a large pano-pic of a highrate frac configuration… the plumbing goes to a manifold and then straight into a wellhead.

1500RPM at the crank, not the turbo. I’m sure any diesel engine displacing about ~15L is giving off an incredible amount of exhaust gases, and FYI our redline is around 2,200RPM.

For serious, or is that some made up mumbo-jumbo to fuck with Jason’s head?

Pretty big, but powered by a pretty big amount of exhaust. The Detroits perform so differently than the Cats. You can ride a Cat or Detroit down a big hill in a low gear and watch the RPM build up. The turbo pressure of the Cat will spike around 2050RPM and immediately cease the trucks acceration and hold it at that speed for the rest of the decent if using the ‘retarder’ brake. The Detroit will force you to use your brakes and/or drop another gear. Both are annoyingly noisey, especially when climbing any grade of hill. … ometry.php

I may have been wrong about the collar rotating, although I’m sure there was a manufacturer that did that. This one has a collar that moves in a linear fashion, same princible.

Haha, I love your theory. Jason, how is your turbo project coming along, anyway?


I may have been wrong about the collar rotating, although I’m sure there was a manufacturer that did that. This one has a collar that moves in a linear fashion, same princible.

Haha, I love your theory. Jason, how is your turbo project coming along, anyway?[/quote]

HAH with what time… im to busy making audio cables and stuff for my own company and working a 85 hour work week if not more. :smile: Im sellin gthe honda and going to a newer year or to a truck… I really like the F150 short box single cab… but at this point i really don’t know yet.

New F150s make me want a pickup. Well, Tacomas more so than a Ford.

I’d go for a Super Duty if I could afford it, or the gas to drive a full size for that matter. Fuckin’ give me an 80s flareside F-150.

Makes me sad though that because everyone and their mom drives a huge 4 door diesel pickup now, that they’re making them into luxury cars. I like trucks that are built like trucks, and drive like trucks.

The new Ranger got a bad review from some company because it rode rough, and the syling hasn’t been changed enough. It’s a truck for fuck sakes. In another review, they drove a Honda Ridgeline down a bumpy gravel road (something like Wantage road), and it blew all four of its pussy ass unibody bitch stick struts. All the other trucks survived…

I hate IFS trucks, I hate unibody trucks, I hate “crumple zones”, cloth floors, 4 doors (ext. cab okay), and baby seats. Buy a goddamn car, or a big soccer mom SUV.

Too many 1 ton trucks around. With pristene truck beds. “Don’t put anythign back there! You’ll scratch the paint…” Shit, get the 1/2 or 3/4 ton, the ride will be munch nicey on that cushy domesticated migarita sipping middle aged ass of yours, bitch.

By the time I want to buy a truck, they’ll have more doors than inches of ground clearence. 4 low will be replaced with “super independant safety all wheel drive bitch drive”, and the only options I’ll have are “2 or 4 subwoofers” and “9 or 12 airbags, with optional helmets”.

Tacomas are nice, but fawking expensive. The tree planting company I was with last year rents brand new trucks each year. They used Tundras once, and said they got owned in the bush. The Chevs were used another year, and said they weren’t bad, but a lot suffered mechanic problems. So, they stick with the Super Duties and the Excursions. The CD player broke in our F-350, but that was it for problems. Besides the drivers bending skid plates on stumps and rolling the trucks.

I can’t wait for the el-camino-ish minivan-pickup truck mashup.

The minivanpickuptruck. How’s that for a crossover?

Man, I don’t get why people buy these things if they don’t use them? Why not just buy a car?

If you’re going to use them, great. But why spend all that money on a truck and all that money on gas and then never leave town?

Because it’s about more than just the money. In today’s society, the male individual has this neanderthalesque need to reaffirm his virility. Duh? Trucks have always been associated with the rugged working man image. So some people (including me) like trucks. Sure a car is more reasonable but is it as cool as the little red Ford Ranger clunker I had?
It’s a similar thing with all the small cars that get makeovers and look like a neon signs. I don’t see the point of putting expensive sound systems to impress people around you when all you hear is a doppler effect of BOOM!BOOM! I would spend good money for quality sound inside the car, not for outside. But some people do it.
Big SUVs are cool but are they really useful? Not quite a truck, not quite a car, not quite a minivan, gas guzzler and not as safe as people think. Yet they are one of the best-selling type of vehicle. What’s the point of having a Lincoln Navigator? It’s not like your going to go in the bush hunting moose with that thing?