Vicious animals: what must be done!

Through my extensive research at the Holy Sea’s (The Vatican) Restricted Library, I happened across medieval bylaws concerning roving cats and fornicating dogs adopted by a small Moldavian village in 1420. Those villagers were ahead of their time. I will translate and paraphrase what I uncovered.

  1. All domestic cats and kittens will be killed by wood stake into heart.

  2. All dog breeds and their owners will be placed into walled ghetto.

2b All dog owners will need special pass to leave ghetto. Dogs may never leave ghetto.

  1. All food for dogs will be taxed 100x value of food. Money will be used for village leaders’  trips and favours.

  2. All dog parphrenalia will be taxed 200x value of goods.

  3. Dogs and puppies not from village are prohibited. Penalties vary. Animals will be killed.

  4. Village customs units will be stationed at all village entry points (land and water) to enforce village bylaw. Officers have absolute authority to enforce bylaws. Officers’ powers not restricted to entry points.

I think Prince Rupert citizenry must push our city council to adopt these measured bylaws to protect us from ourselves. These are dire and dreadful times.

Here is what the ACTUAL laws are in BC for Dangerous Dogs - Section 49: … _division6

Hoser said:

"Here is what the ACTUAL laws are in BC for Dangerous Dogs - Section 49: … _division6"

I say: “Snore”

If Prince Rupert had designated off leash parks for dogs, then children could have their parks and dogs could have theirs.

Pit bulls are so cute and cuddly, but it’s been my experience the average pit bull has a much higher IQ than the average pit bull owner.

why are people so terrified of dogs?
dont they realise dogs can sense fear?
which is usually why the dog might come off as aggressive…
i know my dog… who is a big chicken shit wouldnt hurt a fly… but if one of my friends is scared of him he barks at them like crazy
dogs know you are afraid… so they act on it…

again with the whole theory of  fear being pushed into our society…

its like we feed off it

why are people so terrified of dogs?[/quote]

Because they have big, powerful, frickin’ teeth that can chomp your balls off??

I am not trying to be racist here by no means.
I have found that the East Indians are scared SHITLESS of dogs.  I have seen them from all ages abolutly terrified of dogs.  I wonder why that is…

I thought I was the only person who noticed that! I know only ONE E.I. family with a dog and I have known many.

Ha, ha. Classic. Next you’re going to say some of your best friends are East Indians!

The PC term from someone from India is now just Indian. If they’re Canadian then we refer to them as Indo-Canadians. Smarten up.

You may be PC but I’m a Mac. :smiley:

All were created equal. lol

In some countries, particularly the Middle East and the Indian continent, dogs aren’t kept as pets in the home. They are considered unclean, and so they aren’t familiar with our love for our pets.

I brought a little puppy into a home where there were Iranians of various ages. The children, in particular were very afraid of the puppy. I took some of the kids all evening to work up enough courage to touch the dog, let alone pet it.

Hope that answers your question.

As a cat person, I may seem out of place here…

Dogs are just a varied, in intelligence and personality, as the people who keep dogs.

If dog owners were responsible we wouldn’t need bylaws.  [/quote]

This really is the main point. No point in picking on the dog. Leash or no leash - if a person cannot control their dog, they should not be out in public with it.

One of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met was a pit bull - and the nastiest was a jack russel terrier.

Firstly, link. Secondly, I hope this has been translated from another language, because this is not what Old English looked like–furthermore the word ‘ghetto’ did not exist until the 16 Century.

For every pitbull owner that cries for sympathy there’s 10 out there who still use Brylcreem on their ducktails, carry their smokes in their rolled up Tshirt sleeve showing off the MOM tatoo, and tap their Daytons hard to silence the four chained pitbulls snarling and frothing in the back of the black 4x4 with a a lift kit as they try to get at the tasty children in the minivan in the adjacent stall in the Overwaitea parking lot.

Deny it.

Heh-heh, that sounds like a character from Trailer Park Boys. :sunglasses:

eccentric says:

“Firstly, link. Secondly, I hope this has been translated from another language, because this is not what Old English looked like–furthermore the word ‘ghetto’ did not exist until the 16 Century.”

I say:

First, I don’t think they spoke any English in 15th Century Moldavia. Second, I paraphrased the passage…so “ghetto” is the term I used.

Thanks for your input.

You can meet at least a dozen ‘characters’ like that any Saturday at BK in PG :smiley: