Uninhabitable by 2017!


Japans revenge for Nagasaki & Hiroshima

On another note, I have total faith that the human race will find a way to totally obliviate itself.
Sad that we are on an endangered list, created by ourselfs.

This is a bit more balanced look at Fukushima…

deepseanews.com/2013/11/true-fac … -disaster/

Of course, a year ago we had people on this board saying that there would be thousands of deaths by now.

I don’t believe everything I read or hear. There is a lot of fear mongering.

I believe fear mongering is easier then truth mongering …
so takes the path of humankind ?

we’re all going to die again? damn.

Yep. :smile:

That’s just because the radioactive Japanese mutants haven’t launched their attack yet.

globalresearch.ca/canada-bus … on/5360404


[quote=“RationalWiki”]Globalresearch.ca (also under the domain name globalresearch.org) may best be described as a left-wing equivalent to WingNutDaily. It is the website of the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), founded by Michel Chossudovsky.

The website describes itself as an “independent research and media organization.” Globalresearch.ca takes pride in being a reliable “alternative news” source serving as a major repository of a broad range of “news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media” (such as the New World Order). Its politico-economic stance is strongly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-militarist, “internationalist but anti-globalization.” Its view of science, the economy and geopolitics seems to be broadly conspiracist.

While many of Globalresearch.ca’s articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, the site has a strong undercurrent of reality warping and bullshit throughout its pages.

Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, Globalresearch.ca mostly consists of polemics many of which accept (and use) conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and propaganda. The prevalent conspiracist strand relates to global power-elites (primarily governments and corporations) and their New World Order. Specific featured conspiracy theories include those addressing 9/11, vaccines, genetic modification, Zionism, HAARP, global warming, and David Kelly. Analyses of these issues tend follow the lines of the site’s political biases.

Apparently, contributors to Globalresearch.ca consider information sourced from anyone who seems aligned to their ideology as reliable; during the 2011 Libyan civil war the site was an apologist for Muammar al-Gaddafi, reproducing his propaganda and painting him as a paragon of a modern leader. It’s no surprise then that the site has long become a magnet for radicals, fringe figures and crank elements from the left in general. And ironically, it has more in common with its writers’ enemies and wingnut rivals than they would ever admit.[/quote]

Are you related to DHCollins by any chance? lol


In case anybody didn’t know, Turner Radio Network is an extreme right-wing site used to be run by a Neo-Nazi.


Thanks very much for sharing the background information on Turner Radio Network and Global Research.

topinfopost.com/2013/10/10/fukus … adioactive

I think people rather not think about it, sure it is a big ocean but something is wrong and telling people they are conspiracy nuts with tinfoil hats does not help. prove to me that there is nothing wrong and I might believe you, and no quoting government agencies that say its safe, I want a third party agencies that are not funded by government to tell me its safe otherwise i don’t believe it.
We wonder why cancer, leukemia rates are so high, do you not think exposure to more then (2400) open air Nuclear Weapons Tests 1945-1998 over 50 years may have health implications today?

Tuna being caught in California waters a year ago were contaminated with radioactive cesium from Fukushima.

Sockeye salmon also have a range spanning all of the way from Japan to Alaska, Canada, Washington and Oregon, and the fisheries were at record low’s

[quote]In Aug, [the Department of Fisheries and Oceans] noted returns for the Skeena River sockeye run were dire.

Mel Kotyk, North Coast area director for the Department] said department scientists don’t know why the return numbers are so low…. “When they went out to sea they seemed to be very strong and healthy and in good numbers, so we think something happened in the ocean.”[/quote]

more about the salmon and the continuously leaking Fukushima plant.

washingtonsblog.com/2013/08/ … erica.html

It’s not a crazy conspiracy if it has a testable hypothesis. Then it’s a hypothesis.

A couple of years ago the exact same conversation happened here, and the sky was falling then as well. The claim then was that many people in BC would be dead by summer 2013. Guess what? That didn’t happen.

Now the claim is 2017. If HTMF is still around in 2017, then we can come back and see if BC is uninhabitable by 2017.

But I’m willing to bet that someone will just move the goal posts again.

Look up Bikini Atoll or the other thousands of tests that were orders of magnitude worse than this event. And they caused real ecological damage, but really, nobody in BC died because of it.

This isn’t a real conspiracy theory. It’s just a bad hypothesis. Real conspiracy theories, like good religions, can’t be tested.

Open air test were halted in the early 70s. I grew up when they measured strontium levels in milk.There were Xray machines in shoe stores and they powdered your head with DDT in school lice checks. Plasticine was too expensive so you used gaddam asbestos to make crafts in Gtade Two, they put lead in gas and our parents smoked like fiends and taught us to do so too.
No damn wonder there’s cancer… and there was cancer in great-great grampa’s time but 90% of people didn’t live long enough to get it.
Jeez, compared to the 50s and 60s this whole Japanese reactor thing is chicken-change.
Rupert’s more likely to be uninhabitable in 2017 because its under three feet of spilled bitumen than anything else!

Unless anybody can show us one legitimate scientific source that the West Coast would become a radioactive wasteland, I don’t think linking to some (mostly) left-leaning conspiracy theorist blog/“news” article would convince anyone.

I agree. I get into it with others on FACEBOOK who believe everything they read is true, and main stream media won’t tell them. I have not seen proof. They say the ocean floor off the coast of California is dead because of Japan (no pictures of this). Why would the ocean floor be dead there, when all the junk from the tsunami hasn’t finished washing up on shore. The tsunami happened before the melt down. What about the way the currents and tides flow? I’m sure if the ocean floor was dying it would be in Alaska and along the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.