Under Username?

What are those names for under our username? (eg) Heavy Breather? :open_mouth:

As you post more it changes, making you more elite.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure anyone who asks can get it changed.

So Frog Licker…Is that high ranking?

By the way, Happy Back to School Day :laughing:

Well, look at the amount of cans that are coloured to the ones that are trasnparent, and the post-count rather than just the title.

I’ve never licked a frog to get high. You can’t prove anything.


They do it in australia.

Yep, I heard of that too. But I’d rather bash a (hab) than lick a frog! :astonished:

marios are moderator rank? and prudence has no rank icon. That’s set under custom ranks?
-picking brains, just learning phpBB…

I don’t have anything either.

It’s all about what you ask for, I guess. I asked for Mario Ranks with my custom title. In the phpBB admin panel it’s actually called a special rank though.

Hmm. I’ll fire up my art program and make some Fukokuo 9000 ranks for Prudence. Buzz buzz buzz busy little bee…

here ya go :laughing:

Thanks Herb!! Now if MiG will kindly add that to my name, I will be one happy camper!

it’s fitting you’re avatar is blonde, if she’s using it on her shoulder…

Opps I changed it just as you posted that!


(I must make a person wonder if I am getting paid to advertise the product!)

jeez! you need to get yerself a man. Oh wait pizza and beer costs more than AAs…

the massager is for my lower back and those long days when my second half is at work silly!!

uh huh. sure.