Ugly Downtown Storefronts

I was wondering (hoping), that with the 100th anniversary celebration and tourist season coming if there would be support out there for the owners of some businesses would consider cleaning up a bit?
I’d like to see the following places clean up a bit. All they need is some work rather and it sure would make town look better.
The Gym (wow, what a mess), the old Home Hardware,the old Imperial Palace, Snappy Photo and BakerBoy signs, Audio Vision, the place beside the Bank of Nova Scotia that used to be the Sally Ann (wow again, place looks like and empty ghetto and has good renters paying top dollar upstairs), the Totem Theater and last but not least, the old Dairy Queen building. Also, Herbie’s frontage looks like it hasen’'t seen a wash in about 20 years!
I know business has been tough in the past few years but there is really no excuse for these places to look the way they do. Sure would be nice if our City Hall would put some rules and standards in place. It would make us all a little more proud of our town as well I think.
Please post any others you think need a clean up and let your council and mayor know how you feel.

good luck

City Hall isn’t doing its job.  In most other cities, ugly buildings would either be torn down or the owners would have to make mandatory upgrades.  The same goes for ugly yards/houses.  Not a lot of pride here.

The Old Inlander Property is Disgusting (on the hill side) It has become a dumping ground!!! and this is when the tourist’s FIRST SEE rupert!!! I know you can stand down at the waterfront and look at all the ocean side buisness properties, and they are disgusting!!
Can’t even just say residential’s really. the heart of this community is down 1st/2nd and 3rd…    and the 100’th, homecoming and the ships…I dont think we will be having to great of a “clean” review… :S

I think Cow Bay has now become the heart of our city.  Beautiful area and the store owners take pride in what they have. As far as notifying our Mayor and Council, though it may seem otherwise, they are residents and I would assume, do frequent downtown , so they see the same views as the rest of us.  When the Civic Pride group is cut, you have to wonder what kind of incentive there is for the owners to bother.  After awhile, we all become defeated and tired of banging our heads against the proverbial “brick wall”. Face it fellow Rupertites, we are all just plain tired of the crap and for those of you who will say, “well, what have you done to help?” answer that question yourselves and then you have the right to come at me.  :unamused:

Inlander is on 2nd ave behind the Highliner isn’t it? down in that parking lot in between the daily news and the car wash.

I think you are reffering to the Elizabeth Apartments that were on the water front.  I can’t imagine anyone being able to see the Inlander from the water with a big hill, and building in front of it.

HAHAHHAHAHAA  Thoes are the ones (that burned down)? ya

Anyone can go on Google Map and see the poor state of affair in the downtown…and where do you think these two beer drinkers will be urinating once their bubbly is over…not to mention the empty cans/bottles?

So this is funny? How?

Yea that’s a popular drinking spot.

I am confused at what you mean by " come at me " ?  Are you the one responsible?
As for myself, I have a clean house, yard, business and take great pride in the way I keep all that I am responsible for.
I pay taxes and expect to live in a community that does not look like a dump. I expect the elected officials to do their jobs just as I do mine.
I have served on boards in town, volunteered for numerous functions and pitch in by picking up trash and broken glass on a daily basis.
So many folks say the same thing " good luck, it will do no good". I think that is an extremely defeatist attitude and I for one think it is always worth trying to make things better.
If people won’t put some effort into helping out rather than just bitching and giving up, then we will deserve what we get.
I am looking for folks who want to help and find ways to improve the look of our home town.
Time to ask City Hall what they plan to do about the mess this town is in.Demand some action. If they need help, I’d be happy to pitch in, hell, I already do.
Time to impose some fines for property owners that don’t give a damn what kind of mess their place looks like.
Anyone else?

Sounds like a noble idea but who gets to define mess?

Totally agree BOW. … bition.pdf

Section 5 has a bit of a definition of mess.  :neutral_face:

Ya for the big reunion most of the people that left will say…HOLY shit what happened!?

I think Johny cash coulda sang a song…maybe we should enlist stompin tom to help out and right a tune about the demise. 

Give the home comers something to laugh about.

Do you have an Economic Development officer in Rupert? Someone who works for the city and researches for all the grants that are available?
There was a shitload of money available for ‘downtown improvement’, I know the Fort got a it’s fair share.
Unfortunately nothing short of a well aimed Molotov cocktail could fix the blight of our Hotel…

Just wait and see what the response is from all the people that used to live here when they come up for Prince Ruperts 100th Bday and the Home Comming. I bet there will be a few sad faces

All I can say is this town is goin backwards not forwards, the downtown core looks pathetic with all the empty stores no new bussineses comming… just going, ugly looking store fronts, THEIR IS NO PRIDE IN THIS TOWN AT ALL!!!

Why whould this place be a tourist destination?? cause we are at the end of the line…end of the line is right more like bottom of the barrel. Unless you live here you dont have a choice…there is nothing here for them unless they are on tour or fish charter. NO shopping unless in Cowbay and that slim to none, shitty town to walk thru and shop at, our mall the Rupert Sqaure is a fucking joke, our museum is a joke too.
If i could tell anyone that wants to come to Rupert i would say SAVE YOUR MONEY OR STAY ON THE BOAT!!! go to Terrace or any other place but here, you will be disapointed unless you got a fishing charter or you are taking the ferry to QC or elsewhere.

Thats my 2 cents…  and as much as i love this place, born and raised, when i retire in 15yrs IAM OUT OF HERE and not looking back, but by then this place will be a village Muahahahahaha!

Ditto! im with ya all the way :smiley:

Here’s something they’re trying in Prince George, might work here, though it perhaps might have to be modified for our needs and financials… … ved? 

I want this town to change and am ready to take action.  Just not sure how to go about it?  Anybody have any ideas?