I wonder when Dell is going to release this to Canada, it’s very nice to see that dell is selling pc laptops that come pre-loaded with linux and full support. Any one else looking and following this ?

Looks like Mac might be up for a challenge.

It’s Dell. Why do people think Dell can “do something” for Linux. I think Ubuntu will just show you can make a dirt cheap computer run better.

Very true :smiley:
I personally like Dell, Hp has been making some nice laptops these days too!

Yep, Ubuntu can make a cheap computer run a lot better than Vista can.  I saw something really stupid In our Circuit City flyer today.  They’re selling cheapo laptops loaded with Vista and the units have 512 MB RAM…what a slow pig that would be.

it’s kinda funny… computer are getting faster, but yet Windows is getting more demanding for CPU, shouldn’t it be the opposite way around faster computer faster os ? No wonder osx and unix linux etc are becoming more popular.

vancouverlaptops.com sell;s nice PIII and P4 Core Du etc etc for so cheap, almost worth purchasing one and installing Ubuntu on it instead of buying a 1500$ macbook.

The keyboard croaked today on my Toshiba A70… I was going to remove Vista from it tonight. Now it goes back to Suture Shop again… for a month or so.
Gonna look at one of those $550 Acers tomorrow. Wipe it clean and install only Ubuntu for a work machine

look on www.vancouverlaptops.com :stuck_out_tongue: they have decent prices, that is what i was thinking about doing, buying 2 acer’s or something referbished for the gf and i.

I don’t think you have much luck with that fucking Toshiba do you ?


Replaced mobo about a year ago, first time I plugged in (about 4 mos later) the onboard NIC was dead… today it started shutting off soon as you touched the keyboard. Now the keyboard is totally dead, can’t even get into BIOS.
But Future Shop warranty kicks it, they get to fix it on their own nickel now! LOL!
This one was a dog, but I prefer the Japanese makes. Sold a couple dozen HPs and over half were RMA’s within a year. See dead Dells every week, can’t do dick to fix the desktops let alone laptops. I hate Dells. :imp: HATE :imp:

i maintain 16 of them at work, not one hardware failure in 4 1/2 years. they are never powered down either, always on. i used to hate dell too, not because i had trouble with one, i have never owned one. i just hated them because it is trendy to do so so my opinion of them has changed. we have our share of hardware failures but never the dell’s, that fact has been impossible for me to ignore. now i must admit they are actually pretty damn reliable.

  1. you never power them down. Or live where Hydro powers things down for you on a regular basis.
  • cases that require a hacksaw to install an off the shelf power supply.

Stick an AMD chip on an Asus or MSI board and use it as a zero baseline. If it’s a Dell bought because it was cheap it will score MINUS, a premium Dell config might even score slightly in the PLUS. I’ll stick with the “Buy a Dell because they’re so dumb you can fill them with spaghetti sauce and they’ll still fix it under warranty” line.

I have never had a broken dell, altho i used to fix them all the time because people are RETARDS and don’t buy serge protectors or UPS’s when in a power problem area. Yes they are propiatary, but so are other machines.  Compact use to be the worse. Dells are great, i get paid to fix them :smile: BONUS. Their servers rock, really solid too.

What I’m saying is anyone can build good machines. The brand name means dick.
So I missed out on some Acer Duocores for $683… all 51 gone by yesterday afternoon. Shit!!!

A unit like that would hum with Ubuntu I’ll bet:-)

Just scooped an Acer duoCore 2.0 with 2 Gigs and a 120 HDD for $760, should be here by Tuesday.
That should honk with Ubuntu!
Wonder what they’ll call the next release:
Gutsy Gorilla?
Geriatric Giraffe?
Gross Gopher?

They should call it, better than microsoft :smiley:

Maybe Flatulent Flamingo?  Heh-heh:-)
Oh man that sounds like an awesome unit, herbie!  Agreed.  Ubuntu will really rock on that! :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, that will be pretty slick machine,

whats the model ?

Finally got it… a 5610. Had to fire it up and rush to an install job. Any idea how screwy it is to use Vista to set up a radio? You plug into it, set your IP to the range, and you can ping the radio but not access it’s Web Interface. It’s on the other end at and you… shows ‘local access only’. And there’s 900 pages on Google about this problem.
We ended up setting the router up first w a static WAN so it could talk to the radio, and then hooking up thru the router to the radio! Then setting the radio to it’s static IP and to do DHCP, then reset the router to WAN DHCP, then reboot everything including the laptop.
3X longer than with XP and programming the radio directly.
I have never got a Vista box with a static IP to talk to another unit with a static IP ever. Wodda pain in the arse clicking all the popups to do anything.

It’s also got that stupid Acer split hard drive. WTF do they do that for?

Acer = copy compact to save money on DVD media for system restoring BOO FUCKING HISSS i so hate that,  you should buy a small external hdd off ebay and Ghost the orignal hard drove, that or swap it out use for spare :stuck_out_tongue: thats what i just did for a customer,

Search Google.com for Vista annoying :slight_smile: youll find a simple fast way to turn off that administrative pop up BULL SHIT>!!

What’s funny, is that I’m pretty sure that we were all saying stuff like this when XP came out. Or when 2000 came out. And so on, and so forth.

I think that MiG said it best: A windows operating system is usable by the time the second service pack is released.