Isn’t Trooper playing the PAC tonight? Did anyone go?

weird venue, (sit down-rock concert??? wtf. maybe for some pink floyd style tunes if everyone was tuned in nicely with some alkaloid party favours?)

weird day, (rock concert on a monday? i know rupert is desperate for entertainment, and there here for a good time, not a long time, but couldnt they have waited till friday?)

at any rate, my opinion means shit because apparently it was sold out weeks ago.

Venue wise - where else??
Weird time - thats when the band could make the stop, not our choice. Ive been to a few weekday concerts.

I’ve been to a few weekday concerts too, but you have to admit as a university student you’ve got a schedule thats flexible based on the funness of the activity in question. Old folks dont.

Venue: good question…I’m just stating my opinion that they could reanimate John Bonham and bring Led Zep to town and I’d probably question going if I had to sit down to watch it. warning: obvious hyperbole

Well, last show I went to was at a playhouse. Its all seating, but we said fuck it, and it erupted at the front. Kinda like at the Metal Shop show in December if you went. And a flexible schedule, hardly, all the good shows are in vancouver, so its tough to to the concert deal.

Trooper? sheeeit they’re as old as i am and they’re still playing? shameful.

Hah, they even played “Hash Pipe” during their encore, same as they did 2 years ago in Terrace.

I was there! Herbie, the lead singer is 54.

Yeah, the PAC didn’t seem like the most fitting venue but the show was really good. Triple Bypass rocked the place to start and that in itself was worth half the ticket. Then Trooper came in and started with a four songs set without interrupting the music. This put the crowd into it right away.
At about the middle of the show, the drummer did his solo ( > 15 min-Awesome) and a bunch of young people (10-16) rushed the stage and stayed there until the end. They actually jumped on the stage for Raise A Little Hell. There must have been 40 of them and we could hardly see the singer ( he is kinda short.)
In my opinion, “we had a good time!”

p.s. METALSHOP II is scheduled sometimes in June. I will not miss this one.

Yeah, at the end there it seemed like a children’s show or something as kids just swarmed up onto the stage. Good times, though.

As long as Barney didn’t come out of from backstage, we were ok.

Kinda wished i had gone…

Wish we had more things like that coming into town…

Going to see a one-hit-wonder is really only enjoyable for about five minutes.

Not that I’m a trooper fan, not by a long-shot. But they definitely don’t fit the “one hit wonder” category. Personally, I thought the Sesame Street version of “Raise a little hell” was the best.

:open_mouth: There’s a Seasame Street version??? Ares here I come!

That would be the one hit.

Well, no, it isn’t their one hit. They’ve had a bunch. Don’t impose your musical world-view on reality, hoshq.

We’re here for a good time.
Pretty Lady.
Raise a little hell.
Dressed up as a 9.
Only a fool.
Boy with a beat.
The American Dream.
Boys in the Bright white sports car.
Santa Maria (guess what city that’s about?)
Baby Woncha Please Come Home.

All “hits” as in top-10.

Doesn’t matter whether you like them or not (I don’t), but to call them a “one-hit wonder” just betrays your ignorance.

Raise A Little Hell was the only song to ever be a US hit. They’ve had tons of songs on the Canadian Charts though.

Officially, 15 “hits” on the Canadian (and international) charts.

the were the darlings of AM radio to a generation seeking escape from the hegemony of disco. The year before punk…
but ‘Chilliwack’ was way classier…
and Heart moved to Seattle…