Top 10 most influential Canadians

So CBC has been doing a special entitled “The Greatest Canadian”

The top 10 are:

Tommy Douglas
Terry Fox
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
David Suzuki
Sir Frederick Banting
Lester B Pearson
Don Cherry
Wayne Gretzky
Sir John A Macdonald
Alexandar Graham Bell

Who do you think should be placed in the top 3? My personal choice would have to be:

1.) Alexandar Graham Bell
2.) Terry Fox
3.) Pierre Elliott Trudeau

I can’t think of anything else more important than the invention of the telephone.

Edit: I added a poll just to spice things up.

I have to go with:

3-Graham Bell

Don Cherry is influential but he is by no means a “Great Canadian” because his influence is too often negative and xenophobic.

1 - Don Cherry
2 - John A Macdonald
3 - Terry Fox


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Don Cherry
Wayne Gretzky
Terry Fox !

Cherry is the best, Hockey playa, hockey couch, and is rich.

-Graham Bell
-Terry Fox
-Some other guy

What??? What about Mel Lastman? Shouldn’t he be on the list?

I don’t get how you can pick Don Cherry… He has like no influence on anything. If you look at the other people on the list he is shit all ahah.

Has no influence ?

Dude you have to watch the part on Don Cherry again or for the first time.

Donates to charity, has a charity named after his wife, speaks whats on his mind, even Bret Hart thinks hes cool…

yea but he hasn’t exactly influenced CANADA.

How can you compare Don Cherry to the likes of Terry Fox, or Alexander Graham Bell…

Or tommy douglas, Banting, etc.

My vote’s for Terry Fox.

Pick any of those other guys, and somebody in Canada will have something negative to say about them.

Terry Fox is the spirit of Canada, all of Canada, not just one region or province or group of people.

1981 was a great year indeed.

The telephone or phone is a telecommunications device that transmits speech by means of electric signals. Generally attributed to the inventor Alexander Graham Bell, the first was built in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1876. However, an Italian inventor Antonio Meucci is said to have invented the device in 1849, and in September 2001, Meucci was officially credited by the US Congress with the invention of the telephone, instead of Alexander Graham Bell. but i think it was Nikola Tesla who invented the first cordless telephone.
my vote to Terry Fox

  1. Tommy Douglas
  2. Pierre Elliott Trudeau
  3. Sir John A Macdonald

as if you could say anything negative about David Suzuki

if it were up to David Suzuki we would all be living in the stone age, and i dont mean smoken pot… I mean living in caves and planting our own food, living of the earth. I for one love technolagy and what it can do for us. but Im not about to go save a tree. or a seal even though they are so cute. Its in our nature to produce like rabbits and gobble up all the world resources. We kill off all living things that are inferior to us. we cant help it, its in our nature. l

yep, my vote is for David Suzuki. its easy to paint him as a tree-hugging hippie longhair, but this guy has a big input in the most influential book i’ve ever read (The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra). I truly believe that if the world goes in the right direction, he will be looked on as a genius, years ahead of his time in terms of his view of the world, nature, and the human place in it.

definitely there are some other people in there with great achievements, terry fox, the father of healthcare guy, trudeau i like just for being so solid in terms of his dealing with the americans, but i think the whole idea of the ‘greatest canadian’ is pretty cheesy idea. why dont we make them sing and they can all compete for marrying a million bears or something.

wayne gretzky dosent even live in canada anymore. he’s also a complete corporate shill, tylenol, ford, pepsi, and thats just what i can remember offhand. sure the money is going to charity but anyone who advertises is tainted by that most evil of businesses.

you just know that he’s gonna pull an ‘october surprise’ and overthrow gary bettman and win the thing with a landslide though…

and thats the right thing to do?

of course its not ok, but realy we cant help our selfes we just Crawled out of the primordial soup or ooze and are still trying to find our place of this plannet. David would love this plannet to go back a few thousand years in the past when life was simple. its too late, we are hanging on by a thread.
Again it does not matter about what is right or wrong as we cant change it. its set in motion. I ask you this do you think in 5 years when oil prices are reaching 150.00 american a barrel will we be driving hybrid cars…lol…nope, we will still be driving our SUV’s. We are in trouble but the people who got us in to trouble will never do anything to resolve it, mark my words.

I heard that David Suzuki once got arrested at Polymar once for fishing without a license.

He did the same over in the charlottes 2 in the 80’s it was in all the papers back then… :open_mouth: