Ticket man with two little dogs in his vehicle

I’m pretty certain that as of Jan 1st you are not allowed to talk, type or dial on any hand-held device while driving in B.C. If caught it’s $167 and may or may not include 3 penalty points.

Simple solution…

Build a parking structure down at the bottom of 3rd ave, either where the green apple used to be or across from the old DQ.

100 plus spaces,  for downtown workers only,  5$ a day or some monthly price.  That is $500 a day for the city, not some lame tickets that would stand up in the court of law if challenged (trust me, I know) that might be paid.  That is around $10,000.00 monthly for the city which can be used for downtown improvements etc…

This would also clear up parking for customers in the downtown area,  why you would park in front of, or allow your staff to park in front of your shop where you would want your customers to park.

This would also allow the bylaw officer to not have to justify thier job and perform more concerning duties.

Just an idea.

Think how much poorer you would be then. :smiley:

Not to mention you could hire a monkey to mark tire and write tickets.

If a monkey could deal with all the uneducated, poor, disrespectfull, booze inhaling baby makers in this city with no clue how to read a parking sign and so lazy they can’t even put their garbage out on garbage day then you might have a job peeling Bannanas. lol

i wish idiots would think before typing.

Idiots don’t think, that’s why they’re idiots.  :unamused:

Princess, if the dogs belong to the Ticket Man, isn’t there a by-law with a limit of dogs an owner has?  Just asking a question.  As mentioned before, I was not sure if they were his dogs riding with him or if he was picking them up and taking them to the SPCA. If so, the service is definitely being used by the City… perhaps more funding to keep it open.  :smile:

That by-law was rejected.  I think…  I know the cat one was rejected… I THINK the dog one was too. 

This is a good idea, for sure… except that employees shouldn’t have to pay to work downtown.  And many businesses downtown make their employees park in the alley already. (Which, I know only exsists on ONE side of 3rd Ave, so obviously doesn’t work for all places)

Neighbour complains our dogs are barking to loud in the morning…not our dogs they are late risers. Told bylaw officer…if you have more than three dogs then you need a kennel licences…of which his quick response to his own sentence was i know i own four dogs of my own which are not licenced cuz this law is stupid…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING AT MY DOOR? Some people get jobs from raw ability…this poor sap is clearly not firing on all cylinders…so someone got this guy the job as a favour for sure…IMHO of course…

Nothing about your opinion is Humble,  and your dogs are Loud,  LMAO


I am guessing not a pinky,  no of course not, that only when you drink.  :imp:

You two wanna go get a room! :smiley:

Told bylaw officer…if you have more than three dogs then you need a kennel licences…of which his quick response to his own sentence was i know i own four dogs of my own which are not licenced cuz this law is stupid…[/quote]

Chewy squeeky dog toy…$ 4.99
Bag of puppy chow…$ 19.99
Dumb reply by even dumber bylaw officer…


Actually I do have dog licenses for all my dogs. So what the Hell you are talking about I have no idea. I told you a home with more than 3 dogs need to apply for A kennel licence. But you obviousyly were not listening as you still have no licences.

Does that same rule apply for cat owners? Cause if so, I have some neighbours that might want to wander down to City Hall soon.

I do believe he was refering to you commenting on the Kennal by-law,  of which you enforce,  but do not participate in.

I would not say it is being enforced as not 1 person in this city has a kennel licence…and that being said, a dog kennel is a place where people bring there dogs to board them for a fee. Show me a place in Rupert that does this and I will show you a person who has paid a kennel fee along with purchasing a buisness licence.

The Bylaw officer in town is a friend of mine, he is a good guy and loves animals. All you people complaining about him should think, who would they rather have in this position, an animal lover, or a person who doesn’t give a shit but follows the book to a tee. Leave him along he does his job and does it well in my opinion.