Ticket man with two little dogs in his vehicle

An observation today 3:40 pm outside the Bargain Store, our ticket man in his little vehicle was seen to have two little dogs with him.  Did he pick them up and taking them to the SPCA, or does he have help marking tires and giving out tickets?  :astonished: 

            it’s new… the doggies bite at the heels of traffic offenders…lol…
oh oh, somebody will probably get mad cause I said that…

either way his job is a waste of money he’s gotta write a lot of tickets to pay his salary

hee hee that is cute and perhaps a new way of marking tires, wonder if they are trained to do so?   :smile:  And decker, a lot of tickets to pay for the vehicle and fuel too!!

  I think they just pee on your tires as the city can’t afford the chalk  !!  :smiley:

Exactly what I was thinking Codybear!! :wink:

lol…maybe councilors should do that job…

OMG.!!!  Delete, Delete  :astonished:  The visual is burning my eyes, ARGH  !!!

They were probably his own dogs. He has about 5 of them.

Hope he has them all licensed and has pooper scoopers for all! :imp:

I’ve never had any issue with the new ticket man, or any ticket woman/man, simply don’t park where you are not suppose to. I almost wish he would work weekends because I don’t know how many times I’ve seen tim hortons packed on a weekend morning and some jerk park their car on the side of the building RIGHT on the damn sidewalk!! I guess he doesnt give a damn if a wheelchair person or ANY young person whos sadly walking in that direction who now has to walk off the sidewalk onto the road to get by this persons vehicle.

One would think that ‘law enforcement’ …as pertain to traffic/parking and that of traffic safety would go hand in hand…now, how safe is it for a law enforcement officer to ride in a vehicle being distracted by two dogs while in the performance of his duty?

Since his title is bylaw enforcement does that not mean he is the dog catcher too?

…only if the dogs are kept in a restricted area where they are not interfering with his safe driving

  very valid point…

They are currently modding a proper cage for the back of the ticket truck for dogs that get picked up. Let it be known though that having a dog in the passenger area of a truck breaks no laws. 

Easy way to avoid the ticket man – shop in Terrace.

Using cellphones while driving also doesn’t break any laws/regulations (in most provinces at least) eventhough common sense would dictate/rule otherwise

Why does he have to drive around the down town any way,  his office is dead center of the down town core.
Ticket officers in bigger cities do not get a vehicle,  And the little bugger gets in the way.  Not to mention you could hire a monkey to mark tire and write tickets.

On the subject of parking,  a little tip,  that arourall stuff on your tires makes it almost impossible to mark with chalk.  :imp:

I think they should up the fines, its only lazy or stupid people that get tickets