Thursday oct 18 globe and mail article

found an interesting article in the globe & mail last thursday about a company called AAER INC.

this company makes wind turbines and the article had an interesting paragraph:

" Already, AAER has fallen into a dispute with one of it customers. British Columbia’s Katabatic Power, which had plans to built a wind farm at mount hays near prince rupert using 17 AAER turbines, recently sent a letter to the quebec company terminating the deal"

I hope they never get built,I hope they never get placed on MNT Hays what a eye sore to the community they will be, and forget about having access to the road after that. 

you are worried about an eye soar in prince rupert?  aer you kidding?  ever taken a cruise around town? what about the Inlander? 

My understanding was that these would be on the backside of the mountain.  To discount wind-power because its an “eye-sore” is possibly one of the most annoying things I keep hearing.  It’s a very viable alternative energy source with much more minimal impacts than other options.  And yes, they can be dangerous to birds, but I would think that the use of coal or gas generating plants would have just as much effect.  Just not as visually direct.  As to access of the road, I can’t see why it would be shut down, they already have communication towers/equipment up there, they haven’t shut off access because of those.

Build 'em.

Then, build more of 'em.

I love the inlander…its so nice, downtown…close to everything…Seriously though LUCUS used to have pizza shop there…best dam pizza subs ever.

Hell ya. Cover the top of the mountain with the damn things. How the hell can they be unsightly to the community on the backside of the mountain? We have a community back there now? Maybe the wolves are complaining to Astro.

Why are you all so negative? Especially MCSASH, you are a horrible person and I’m not sure how you can live with yourself. I happen to live at the Inlander, love earwigs and roaches, and find the amenities and access to law enforcement extremely benificial. Pride of ownership is evident.

Its called the down ward sprial…iam living fine with myself for that matter.  I even had prime ribeo ce soir.
You keep this banter up and you will be finding yourself as the chairmans riding partner.

What will they really do for the community? you think you’re going to have a lower hydro bill, oh go out to Alberta and try and get  access near one of the those wind turbines. LOL… And the crack about the wolves…lol…I would be concerned with the local eagle population as a lot of the eagle’s nest on MNT Hays.

Look at one wind turbine and times it by what 30 or more…

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Hmmm we don’t want an LNG plant and we don’t want wind power. No offshore drilling or mega power projects either.  Perhaps we can just get back to rubbing sticks together… :smiley:

We are NIMBYS… rise up and celebrate…

those turbine things are pretty ugly, even on the back of the mountain, which is a weird place to put them…
we need not rub sticks together, we have lighters and matches :smiley:

See I’m all for drilling, but its not going to happen until the technology to extract oil and gas is feasible, and don’t worry its not going to happen in the next 10 years, but when it is feasible no one is going to stop them, no matter what you think….there are wells in the charlotte basin that are caped already since the early 70’s back when they were test drilling.

So you’re for drilling, despite the risks that will always be there no matter what drilling technology is developed? You’re against wind turbines because they look bad and you might not be able to access the top of the mountain? That’s pretty much what you’re saying here Astro.

AFAIK I don’t care if they litter the landscape with wind turbines. I’d sooner see us use a renewable resource like wind for power generation, then tap into the ocean floor and risk ruining a delicate ecosystem like the Queen Charlotte Islands. I’m certainly not worried about what the top of the mountain will look like.

I had no problem walking up to the wind turbines in Pincher Creek.  Nobody cared.  I have photos somewhere…

Tonight would be a great night for wind power!

I had no problem walking up to the wind turbines in Pincher Creek.  Nobody cared.  I have photos somewhere…[/quote]

You’re probably watch listed as a terrorist now.

People need energy.  You complain that having a wind farm on Mount Hayes won’t lower our energy bills and you’re probably right.  So would you rather have another coal fired power plant start up in another town instead? I really don’t think windmills look ugly, they’re just another structure.  What’s the big deal?

LOL, yes it would be bumper crop, gusher of wind, whatever the proper term would be for a bounty of bluster…

Oh wait, bounty of bluster that’s htmf… :wink:

Damn I’m trolling again… but realy I do find them ugly. And yes the alternative power sources are great idea if we see the benefit, but we will not.  From their site

So if this venture goes belly up who is going to be stuck with the wind turbines??
And about the oil like I said it does not matter what you think it’s going to come out of the ground when it becomes feasible.