Thursday oct 18 globe and mail article

Also a Google search tells me that this company is having problems with getting investors. So really there is a good chance this will never get off the ground anyways.

[quote]A Richmond firm has completed a major step in building what could be B.C.’s first operating wind farm.
Katabatic Power Corp., a privately-held developer of wind power, has an agreement with Montreal-based AAER Inc. for the sale of 17 of its 1.5-megawatt wind turbines for use near Prince Rupert.
“This is a major advancement in the project,â€[/quote]

Yes we are NIMBYS…I like wind power…just not on MY mountain.  Put it up some other fricken mountain, why would it have to be right in Town.  We have too much of pf a prostituion mentality in this town.  Wind farms…conatiner ports…LNG plants…oil and gas…and then mention the spinoffs then you seen the frothing at the mouth.
All we care about is economics…we wanna be like terrace …because gas is cheaper???  They have a wal mart and crapy tire??..Let them have it …let them have it all.  Most non whoreish communities are telling box stores to piss of, they dont want them.
You wanna drive to terrace for cheap gas and reduced table saws at crappy tire???  All the power to you.
Terrace is a shit hole because of those things.
I would love for ASSStro to broker a deal for wind farms in terrace maybe the kalum mountain or copper mountain…

I’ll bid $1 each for the turbines. They’re no uglier than the radio towers already on our mountain tops and at least contribute towards alternate energy.

I don’t think they’re ugly at all…

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Ah, the quintessential argument against changes to more environmentally friendly options.  And as for location, it has to do with long-term stable wind patterns.  That combined with an already built access road and close proximity to the community really makes it an ideal site.  They don’t have to go out and carve a new road into a mountain somewhere, never-mind creating access to the base of it.  Though, to my understanding of the equipment needed to set this up the current road on MT. Hays would require some upgrades. 

As for the eagles, I’m pretty sure pumping exhaust from oil/gas burning options is pretty bad for them as well…  The concerns over wind power are trivial compared to oil/gas.  Though I don’t find wind-turbines to be an eye-sore, I would sure as hell prefer an ‘ugly looking’ power generation option over a polluting one.  You can ignore turbines, good-luck ignoring smog.  Seen any pictures of industrial pollution in China lately?  Now that’s more than just an eye-sore…

I’m siding with MiG on this one-I lived near Pincher Creek for several years and found the turbines in that area asthetically pleasing to the eye. I’d have no problems with placing them in the community I live in now but we don’t get the kinds of winds you do…as for the “not in my back yard”, at least one rancher in the area has opted for putting one quite literally in his back yard a few years back. Not sure if he uses it for personal power or it’s on the grid as well but I always welcomed the sight of those blades hovering into view since it meant that my turn-off to take the Cowboy highway up to Calgary was just around the bend.

ya but how do you poach wolves when those loud turbines scare them off

You siding with the MIGster doesnt surprise me saffron.  Nice pictures MIG…I could make any animate object look beautiful also…trick photography.  Just not on my mountain.

No need to poach…theres a pretty big open season on em…

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Could you just once present a half-assed argument??

Jorge the pool boy…
Half assed argument?  Meaning?  Can you not read between the lines?  Do you need to be hand fed everything?  This once Iwill feed you…Actually I wont…
I dont wanna piss of the administrator anymore than I’m sure I have already.
So you TRY and read between the lines …
Have you been exposed to copious amounts of pool chemical?

Uh, considering that’s EXACTLY how the turbines in the Pincher Creek area look, can you point out what tricks were used? Unless you’ve been there and seen something I sure as hell haven’t…


Don’t mind McSash, the turbines remind him of the Beanie he had to wear to school as a kid.
I think the turbines would be fine on the back of the McSash’s mountain, errr I mean our mountain.  They would fit in just fine with the other attractions of Ridley Island, Grain Dust bellowing and big black mountains of coal. It would give this rundown town the actual appearance of being modern and progressive, upon first impression anyways. I’d rather have turbines than logging as was suggested a few years ago.

After I long think about it I’m sure the wind turbines will be fine, but like in the other post, the whole thing sounds iffy. This company does not have any other wind farms, they are a startup company with no track record. 

That would worry me too-one of the biggest eyesores I remember from my trip to Hawaii a few years back was an abandoned windfarm left to rust…the last thing Rupert needs is another industry gone “belly up”.

Everyone has to start some time, somewhere, Astro.

those turbine things are pretty ugly, even on the back of the mountain, which is a weird place to put them…
we need not rub sticks together, we have lighters and matches [/quote]

Remember - those lighters are fueled by non-renewable sources and made from plastic (sourced from oil too!).  :unamused: We bloody well better find another way to make power before we have to go back to rubbing sticks together!

I’m with Podunkian - don’t we ever get tired of hearing ourselves bellowing NO?

With all the wind - and tide - and wave - action that the North Coast gets, it is actually absurd that we have not been generating power for years now!! And ultimately selling it back to Hydro - once upon a time, this could have even been a municipal utility. (shamelessly trolling…)

At least with wind power - the rights to the resource won’t transfer to private interests …which is what happens with run-of-the-river hydroelectric projects.

It is well beyond time for people to wean off of the oil&gas tit - and it has to start somewhere. It sure makes more sense to build a wind farm on land than out in the Hecate Strait! We also have an endless supply of moving air - federal elections…municipal elections…provincial elections…

As for the birds and wildlife - I wonder how much effect there would actually be? As I understand it, those blades rotate pretty slowly. Not trying to sound too harsh - but birds will fly into windows on stationary objects - such as buildings…at least with a rotating blade they stand a chance of missing it.

I am all for the wind turbines, I think they should be painted pink with purple poka dots though for the birds safety! :laughing: