Third Street market

Did anyone check out the Third Street Market today? Just wondering if anyone wandered downtown to see how things turned out for the first night.

It was pretty sparse.  I was hoping to see some produce, some veggies and stuff from Terrace because I heard there were some vendors coming from there, but it was all stuff the cruise shippers might buy.  Maybe as time goes on it will get a little more varied. 

Ah man… I totally forgot about that.

You didn’t miss much.

Well I hope it picks up as the summer goes along, though I’m not sure about the location for it, blocking off third as they are, I would have though one of the side streets would make more sense, but what do I know…

I wonder about the produce thing for cruise ship visitors though, you would think that there would be some kind of regulation on the ships about bringing stuff onboard, quality control and all of that, one tainted little veggie or fruit dumped into the big banquet bowl could bring the entire ship to a halt.

A true weapon of mass destruction.

Be interesting to see how it progresses through the summer, it’s a good idea even if it seems more geared to the cruise visitors than the locals

I wasn’t surprised that it was all done with an eye to the touroids, but if Rupert residents have to suffer the inconvenience of having one of the busier streets in town stoppered up like that then we should be getting something out of it.  I was a little shocked at how much busier 2nd Ave was - those crosswalks between Chevron and the Ocean Centre were practically deathtraps.

I like the idea of an outdoor market. I don’t think that the location is the greatest, I think it would be more suited down in the Cow Bay area, maybe then they would get the tourists and the locals, I would much rather walk around Cow Bay than 3rd.

I think the point is to try to lure them away from Cow Bay.

It has the potential to grow into something good for the city. Like most things though, it’s going to take time to improve.


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Wel soundin like somthin for this old buzzard kind a look forward to, it would be nice if it goes to Friday evening I seen small towns do ths and it growed, To the point of doing old cars an classics. wooO you folk gonna be crazy.

Is there a cruise ship on Fridays? 

Hopefully they have it dialed in by the end of the summer.  And maybe more vendors will come out of the woodwork!

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the terrace produce was not there because it is not out of the ground, and the cruise ship people cannot bring it on the ship it is more for the locals, as for closing off 3rd that was a mayoral thing next year it should be at mariners park.  this farmers market is for everyone and we hope it will have more vendors in the weeks to come.

Did you read the build-up in the paper?  Fresh produce from Terrace was mentioned more than once.  Anyway, I wonder how profitable it will be for vendors to make the drive when fuel is as pricey as it is . . .

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