The Windows worm evolves

According to reports, a new Internet computer worm is poised to wreak havoc on businesses Monday morning — even those cautious enough to warn their employees about opening suspicious e-mail attachments.

The worm, named Sasser, can spread unassisted to any unprotected computer hooked to the Internet. “It attacks through a flaw in recent versions of Microsoft Windows — Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP — and causes the computer to shut down, then rebooting it, repeating the process several times.”

Based on early accounts, the worm appears to be nothing more than an inconvenience, performing a series of tasks that many Windows users are likely accustomed to

Yes I have a friend that has encountered that already, but it’s cheese to fix, 30 second visit to

SSSHHH!!! Don’t tell everyone. I just made $180 bucks fixing sasser on Sat.

Look in HKLM/softw/Msoft/Windows/Current V/Run for avsomethingorother.exe its often passed over as an AVG process on first glance. Also look for sysupd.exe that calls files in local settings folders called update.exe adn _update.exe. I don’t know if they’re part of sasser but I found 3 systems with that problem Sat.


What Antivirus Software do all of you guys use…?

Norton Internet Security 2004

I don’t use any whatsoever, and I often recklessly open strange attachments.

Well on my mac i open every one of them… on a pc NEVER… : O )

Up until 2003, I used nothing but Windows computers. I would always have the antivirus software turned off (it seemed to slow down the computer too much), and yet I never got a virus.

hehe yeah hoshq, since ive went xp ive had the most virus’s ever.

damnit i wish i could sleep!!

XP is strange. When I use one of the XP computers in my office to look at my own website, I get popup ads. Which is strange, since there isn’t any code in my site that would cause that.

There’s probably some kinda code that set’s off a piece of spy-ware or a popup… i like your site allot… looks pretty good.

here is mine…

i’m hosting it on a friends server right now till i get a job and my own server again.

Anybody having internet problems?

Is it just generally slow?

I’m getting “no route to host” when I try to traceroute to google or to other places… weird.

A friend of mine sent me the Corporate Edition of Norton. But I prefer to use AVG. So far AVG has detected 4 virus’ that Norton did not detect.

i have been useing avg also… just wanted to know if any one else is out there useing it… is there point of buying it any differences what is pro like…

I find the AVG free edition is more than adequate. Norton slows your computer down hopelessly. New P4 3Gig we did booted in 30 seconds, after installing Norton it took 4 minutes.

jason: control panel-admin tools - services: stop ‘messenger’ and disable it. Popups can come thru there too. It’s not same as MSN mess, they ran out of names in Redmond i guess (like explorer, internet explorer, msn explorer not one customer knows the diff) BTW your old avatar looked like my kid sister. Unnervingly so.

re slow net: people in the fort have been calling this morning to ask if I know why Telus ADSL is so slow, too.

our Bell stuff is working fine.

The AVG Free Edition is fully featured anti-virus software with the following restrictions:

Basic user Interface only
Disabled Advanced Scheduling of Tests
Disabled Creating of Your Own Tests

that is the only difference. So unless you need technical support, you may as well save your money.
I was having problems with Telus DSL on Friday and Saturday. So far so good today.

that old avatar was katie my GF.

Dude! He’s bangin’ your kid sister. Are you just going to take that?

Also, only stupid people get virii!

Dude, by your logic I’m a genius! There’s gotta be a flaw.