The Wind

This wind is crazy.  Any damage?

bunch of chairs being blown about on the deck…i’ll find some damage in the morning im sure

Our street lights went out about 20 minutes ago.

My satellite dish was pushed out of alignment, so I have no TV signal until Jimmy can come by and re-align my dish.  Power failure in the Pineridge area.

We’re developing a lovely collection of property for sale signs after last nights windstorm… :wink:

I just found our garbage cans, just missing one lid which ironically was the only lid that was actually attached.

We discovered the sand box cover, which used to be in the back yard, in a neighbour’s front yard.  How it got there, I don’t know.

I think the power was flashing on and off around 3am, as internet access was intermittent. 

My internet was screwy around 1am… and my lights flickered a few time around then too.  I’m sure there’s some trees down or garbage cans down the street as well.

I went for a walk about eight o clock last night. And I kid you not, I almost got run over by a runaway trampoline. Those winds were strong. I’m suprised I didn’t blow over.

Yes I am crazy, walking around in a storm like that. But that’s what you get while you’re trying to lose weight. Plus it was a workout trying to walk against the wind.

We have a bunch of stuff broken on our back deck.  Our tent-like shelter thingy that we had up on the deck is totally ruined, which really, didn’t come as a surprise, and a lot of other stuff got tossed around.  Nothing too major so far.

extensive on the fairview dock.

Someones lawnchair hit my nice brand new truck and dented and scratched up my driver’s side door :frowning:
The chair was broken into about 10 peices

No real damage, just my neighbour’s Frikin garbage all over the place! :angry:

I have a bunch of new potted plants :smile:

They stole it–the wind was just an elaborate cover-up.

Yes, crazy wind last night- shook the house all night long-not much sleep :angry:

Turns out some siding came off our walls.

I hated that in the house we rented before we bought one last year.  Old windows meant that even in the slightest wind the curtains would move INSIDE the house.  Hell, in Mackenzie the house we rented had such crappy windows that the floor shook in the major windstorm we had there once.  Woke up with shingles all over the lawn, ran outside to see how bad our roof was, and realized that it was the neighbours’ roof that had come off - sucked to be him. 

One thing I did notice there - was that almost every house had interlocking shingles.  Is that not the preferred roofing method in places with high winds anymore?  I know it kind of surprised me to see that not very many houses (if any?) had those here in Rupert.

Just did a perimeter sweep of the house, everything looks good.  Jimmy came by and re-aligned the satellite dish, so my 14 year old is happy. :smile:

Lights were off from 2am to 5am on my street, I believe. Parts of Sloan didn’t have power this morning on my way to school.

A relative of mine said that half of their roof came off in the wind.