The weather

Man, hasn’t this weather been great?

The person on the bottom left must have a disporportioned body because it doesn’t look like it could normally fit in that part of the punt.

Haha my brother gerry is wicked.aka the guy with the disporportioned body

yes it has been super nice lately. good for the mind I believe, I’ve been feeling super upbeat and full of energy for quite a while.

and even when it has rained, it has seemed liek it cleaned all the bad mojo out and made the dust settle down and ohh man is that shit tacky…

leave no time for later.

ediT: hahaha, e brooke needs to get himself some melanin happenin, that guy is ghostly!

I got a little bit of a heat rash 2 out of the last 3 days, and got a little burnt today… this weather is sweet! Perfect for softball! I’ve never seen the fields so nice and dusty… it’s great!

The guy in the boat looks like he’s pitching a tent. Wonder what he’s dreaming of?

All this light makes for lots of photography…

A bit overexposed, too… here’s another version that isn’t as bad:

Still pretty white though…

Thats a tough shot to expose for what with the sun shining down on him and the water all around. I guess if you were taking RAW shots you could underexpose the shot and then bring up any highlights that were needed, as it’s nearly impossible to bring down blown highlights to decent levels.

The guy looks comfortable though. After baking like that I’d be tempted to leave the boat and take a dip. :smiley:


If you wanted to photograph extremely white people you should have come down to the ball fields this weekend. Some of us started out albino on Thursday, and now we’re just a bunch of rednecks. I’ve never seen more old men with their shirts off than I did this weekend.

The weather has been SOOO AWESOME, the passengers from the 3 Cruise Ships on Thursday and the 1 Cruise Ship on Saturday were all EXTREMELY happy! It was so nice to deal with such happy American customers. Usually their all pissed off about the CANADIAN cash return on merchandise, food, etc. but I think the sun made it THAT MUCH MORE enjoyable for them. I hope to see SUN for the rest of the summer! …or atleast on Cruise Ship days!!

we had awesome weather last year for most cruise ship thursdays.

There were only 2 thursdays that ever rained when the Norweigan Spirit was here. One was in the middle of the season, and one was right at the end. It was so cute to see tourists flock to Zellers to buy the plastic rain ponchos.

I have pretty weird sun tan/burn patterns on my body.

Oh, and congratulations KAO.

Yeah, you’re totally right!! Hopefully it will be like that again this year!! :smiley:

Me too, damn batting gloves, wristbands, and overall just getting sun on one side left a pretty stupid looking sunburn on most of my right side. I have a pretty nasty heat rash too, which was causing me to sport that cute, pink towel around my neck.

Thanks, it was a great tournament. Now if we can only get all our players to show up for the league it would be great.

Look forward to your pitching tomorrow KAO. I’m ready!!!

And Damn this weather is great, good to see Prince Rupert finally getting a summer now… for the past 17 years we had maybe a total of a week of good weather in the summer. Last summer was awsome, and this year our summer started a month earlier than the last. It’s gunna be a great one.

KAO won’t be pitching tomorrow as she will be on her way to Edmonton for the National Open Bowling Tournament. Not sure who is gonna be pitching. Be interesting if we even have a team. Oh well, such is ball.

God Bless global warming.

hehe yeah… And skin cancer is almost as awsome as the good weather.