The Twelve signs of a Prince Rupert Christmas

Attention Podunkians, do you have the Christmas spirit yet?

We turn to our loyal audience on the blog for some help on an item we are working on for our Podunkian portal for this Christmas season.

With the Christmas craft fair taking place today at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre, we got to thinking about what other events leading up to Christmas Day best provide for the signal that Christmas is almost upon us.

Taking advantage of our platform from our friends at the local Prince Rupert information portal hackingthemainframe, we seek contributions for our Twelve Signs of Christmas feature to appear shortly on this space.

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire item … stmas.html)

I bought my festivus pole in mid november this year, trying to beat the rush at marinex

I always used to think that Jim West letting his beard grow out was one of the sure signs that Christmas would soon be upon us…

Workers on the courthouse lawn stringing Christmas lights into the trees.

Children behaving because they know Santa is watching :smile: I love this time of year :stuck_out_tongue:

Poinsettias ,Christmas cakes and magazine covers filled with holiday recipe’s and decorating ideas


The eggnog is here? I better go get my rum.

Proudly putting The Red Ribbon on my automobile and humming that Christmas verse " I’m getting nothing for Christmas , mommy and daddy are mad ".

X-Mas decorations in the store windows. Nice.

Yeah and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Agreed. My eggnog consumption is about to escalate. I love Christmas. :smile:

Seeing the Sally Ann Christmas Kettle around town.
The sailpast, which BTW is Saturday Dec. 04th. for those interested.

hee hee, that darn “Christmas Wish Book” from Sears. Having the little ones grabbing it and marking it up, for sure we know Christmas is on it’s way!!!


The eggnog is here? I better go get my rum.[/quote]

ha ha ha… I know, egg nog is pretty high on the list …mmmmmmmm “CHEERS”

The RCMP’s counter attack! Merry Christmas!

Ahh yes the boys in blue protecting us from all those drunk drivers on the road at 2pm and only on sunny days.

But Betty, that came out in July ! Are there any pages left ?? I like to see all the houses with their lights up but I think right after Halloween was a tad too early though people !! I am looking forward to turkey and stuffing…Note to self, start diet NOW !! Aaargh !

Just a bump for the topic, some good ideas put forward so far, keep them coming!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!! :smile: