Twelve Signs of a Prince Rupert Christmas (the vote)

So as promised earlier this month, we turn the ballots over to the htmf audience, to help us provide a list of the 12 signs of a Prince Rupert Christmas.

Final tabulations and opinions will be provided on the blog on Friday, a few days later than originally outlined I know, but it seems to be a timely tie in with the Winterfest kick off that day.

The polling system only allows for ten choices, so if there is something you are anxious to see included just post a separate post listing it

Mid day bump for the poll

you forgot to put “halloween is over” in the voting options. Seems like the Christmas season starts earlier every year. WTF

I, particularly, enjoy the Cook’s Jewelrs money tree!!!

Time for an evening bump for the poll, 24 hours or so to go till the ballot box closes.

Time for another bump voting ends this evening

Final bump before the polls close at 11 tonight