The need for speed

Well all ye complainers of the mighty pipeline, CityWest has responded to your wishes…

No more need for those speed tests that we all have seen, with their sad tale of sluggish speeds and frustration.

In Monday’s Daily News is the tale of increased speed, more bandwidth (maybe one day a price increase ) and  most of all happy gamers and downloaders.

Begin to pick it all apart at your leisure!  :stuck_out_tongue:

CityWest says fibre hook-up to Terrace is great news for on-line gamers
By Christian Webber
The Daily News
Monday, July 23, 2007
Pages one and three

If you’re internet isn’t up to speed don’t worry, starting July 19 surfers should be noticing improved internet speeds as CityWest re-routs onto the fibre-link from Prince Rupert to Terrace.

“They should start to see increased speeds on the existing bandwidth right now, as we take people off it and put them on the new link, people will see increased speeds on the old system too,â€

exellent! i have actually noticed, for the past few days it has been faster. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Mine hasn’t increased any. Some days it’s near where it used to be. Most days it’s not. I love this part of the article though:

That’s amusing, comparing us to more remote locations. I’m willing to bet good money that we are among the last in cities of comparable size.

I kind of liked this one…

"CityWest used to buy from another provider but now that they have the fibre-link they are able to shop around and find better prices.

Your prices won’t be going down anytime soon though because the cost of everything else continues to rise including wages and materials, said Brown."

Either way we’re gonna pay eh! :unamused:

How can you tell it’s a city operation… :sunglasses:

Nope, mine still blows :wink:

I’ll be curious to see if there’s any difference when I get home to PR.  An increase in speed is certainly a welcome bit of news.  :smiley:
I found the snooze article a bit vague.
Is CityWest upgrading people to the faster connection house by house or what?  By neighbourhood? :confused:

by subnet i would think.

I believe they are upgrading those that say nice things about them on htmf first… :wink: 

Citywest rocks!



You bastards! No wonder there’s no one to install my fibre until AUg 15th now!

I remember back in 1999 the blazing speed we had, I was one of the top 100 to get ADSL in Rupert. I hope this news will bring back those memories. I wont hold my breath still not there.

LOL :smiley:

That makes sense.
With the speed we’ve been getting the last few years I thought they might be replacing the tubes in the basement of CityWest:-)

Nah they’ve just added some supplements to the feed for the hamsters running the wheels…

From the Northern View

CityWest comments on mobile data services an “insultâ€

that is a great letter, we should all back him. my modem seemed to be fine for a day or two, but is now back to its normal useless state of no bandwidth. i was taking over 30 seconds just to load google last night, it degraded to almost unusable. to be honest i am afraid to write a letter like that, years ago i bitched about cronic slow speeds, my adsl went to 5k for about ten months, same as a dialup’s speed, they billed me the full amount the entire time. after several complaints i came home from work one day to find my adsl disconnected. i phoned greg the next day, he said “with all your complaining i feel we cannot provide the type of service you require, so we have terminated your account and suggest you get service elsewhere”. i had to beg to have it turned back on, and needless to say i learned to shut the fuck up and stop demanding what i am being billed for. the bullshit is in them telling me if i dont like it go elsewhere, when they wont let anyone else provide that service. monarch wanted to provide cable modems a few years back, they told me citytel warned them " start fuking with our internet service and we may decide to get into the cable business, stay out of our business and we will stay out of yours", sounds like bully style tactics and we all pay the price for this type of dirty business practices.
    it is why they can continue to survive as a sub standard poor quality provider and still maintain their customers, competition is needed in order to make them work hard to provide better services than their rivals, without it this is what can happen. having it all to themselves they have nothing to gain but expenses by improving things for us, they get all the same money doing nothing so why bother. this is why it is illegal everywhere else to have a monopoly like that, the citizens are the ones who get ripped off by that type of arrangement. imho we have what is really “communist” internet, probably the same type they have in china, it is what it is and if you dont like it thats too fucking bad, disconnect and go elsewhere. everyone just sit tight for a little longer, this isnt going work for them all that much longer, in the same way the mini dishes have killed the cablevision rip off’s they are developing new sat. internet services with almost no latency, when the price for those drops to equal the typical tethered connection everyone will abandon citytel. another two years and that will be an option for everyone, the hardware exists it just has to become a little more affordable. bell is working on a new almost zero latency system to provide internet services with your television package. when those come online only then will your business be of value to citytel, right now its a given so there is nothing to motivate them to please you, they get your coin by default and intend to keep it that way. once the sat. internet is up to snuff the voip will be much better by then, most likely as good as a tethered phone so people can get internet and phone elsewhere and say goodbye to citywest. i predict only then will delivering quality services to their customers be a priority for citytwest, at which point it will too little too late. i suspect most will leave as a matter of principal, because they did not care about our business until they had to.

Chris you often have great points to make. I just wish you would take a little more care with your typing as I find it difficult to read your longer posts when you leave out things like capital letters. The whole thing just reads like one big sentence and it takes away from the points you are making.

Unfortunately you got caught by one of the standard practices in the industry when you complained too often. It’s shady enough when they do it in a market where you can actually go to another company, but to do it in what is basically a monopoly is pretty low indeed.