The latest rumour "Mill" for August 2010

So,does anyone know for sure who has bought the mill?Was talking to a friend in Vancouver who said he knew who the buyer was, but not to repeat it…

Dunno but i hear its opening soon.

i heard it was CN that bought it

Naw, you’re all wrong. It’s been bought by Conrad Black to produce the paper for his new newspaper empire, starting with the resurrection of the Daily News as his flagship.

mayor jack bought it to build a big cattle ranch

Pretty sure Mr burns bought it. He’s going to build a nuclear power plant as BC’s newest IPP.

                    title shall be " Jackass Ranch "

Could be named the “Kick Ass Ranch”

The mill has been bought by a very wealthy investment group it will be more clear soon.

Could it be AIP International? The Ajaye Investors Pool perhaps!

That would be me. :smiley:

I like the Ranch idea alot , maybe he can communicate with dumb ass cows better then he can with Those of Us Who have been waiting for how long now to hear something from His HolyShip. If we still had our Daily Snooze we may of heard his words by now.

Almost 2 years after you wrote:

[quote=“ajaye46”]come on folks we are are the road to goldville we are the city
they call a diamond in the rough,in a few years we will look just
like hong Kong theres going to be so much money in our town
we wont know were we are.[/quote]

How many more years before that comes true?

Its comeing true very soon folks the big day is almost here.

After years of specultation and rumors concerning the “reopening” of the mill, I will stick to “I’ll believe it when I see it” :smile:

If that is the case, it should be named Misery Ridge Ranch.

Oh geez here we go again.

jackass ranch nah prefer the mustang ranch, oops that’s in Vegas :stuck_out_tongue:

Ajaye, let me ask you just one question , well I will try only one. With all this knowledge which you seem to put forward to us folks on HTMF, why do you not put your name forward on the next ballot when elections are next called ? You either have the ability to try and Bull Shit all of us disenchanted voters so you have what it takes to sit with most of council .Or you could go for the Big Chair and become Rupert’s next cowboy , just think of how proud your wife would be .

The mill will never open as a pulpmill again what is planned out there is going to blow you away
and dont worry the city will be getting all there money back and plus some.