The Daily News.....regular delivery?

I admit I type this in the wee hours of the morning before I will call the office and let them know, but last Tuesday I signed up to receive the Daily News for 3 months - having just moved here I figure it’s one way to get to know the town and if we like the paper we can extend delivery.  I signed up on Tuesday , spoke to a wonderfully polite lady that enforced to me if any papers were missed to call right away. 

So Wednesday came - no paper; it did arrive around 7pm that evening.  I figured ok give it some grace, perhaps the carrier was just informed of the “new” delivery on the route.  Thursday’s paper was delivered around 7am - so I thought nothing of it.  Friday I took my “kids” (four legged fur kids, AKA dogs) for a long hike and wasn’t home till after noon - had a nap, realized that the paper never did come.  So I will definitely call tomorrow and let them know - but is this a regular occurrence with the Daily News?  Or do we perhaps have a less than stellar carrier? 

Any experience you all have is greatly appreciated - I also plan to go shoe shopping tomorrow - might even bite the bullet and buy Saucony’s - I’ll at least try them out :wink:

The Daily is working an interesting system of three days of paid delivery, two days of free delivery in town. You will join the rest of the city as you receive a paper (sometimes) on Wed and Fridays, while you will only share with fellow subscribers on Mon, Tues and Thursday.

It’s been a rather confusing time for the carriers, who go from low levels of delivery on Mon, Tues and Thurs,  to being overwhelmed with papers for Wed and Friday. Sometimes they don’t have enough (so the carrier told me one day) so they tend to run out before they deliver their route, or in some cases the kids just dump the papers and leave the subscribers to hope for the best.

Regardless, if you’re actually subscribing for weekly service, get on the phone and let them know. Us freeloaders that only get the Wed / Friday show may complain about the service, but we’re not paying for it. You’re actually paying for delivery, so you should be  a priority customer you would think

At any rate, the plan has led to nothing but complaints as folks that subscribe don’t get their papers all the time, while those that are supposed to be sampling the paper sometimes don’t get one either, which doesn’t exactly make you want to run out and sign up for home delivery.

Add on to that the fact the news stands still charge the full rate for the Wed and Friday papers that the Daily is supposed to be sending out at home for free and well it’s not a bounty of PR for the Daily news of late.

On the hopeful side, perhaps it’s because you’re a new customer that things are out of whack, once the carrier gets used to the idea of you actually paying for your paper, then hopefully your service improves…

You got your Thursday paper at 7am?  Wow they must really like you… the rest of us have to wait until after it’s pressed in the late morning/early afternoon.

We pay for home delivery, and pay the same now, as we did before we were to get 2 issues a week for “free.”  How that works, I have no idea.  But our carrier usually misses only one paper every two months or so, and we haven’t had any problems since the free papers were added.

Most homes get the paper before 5pm, and businesses that sell them, before 3.

Well, I’m not very sleepy too. Anyway…

Wednesday and Friday papers are free papers (with “71 cents” printed on each and every front page), meaning the carrier have to deliver each and every house on the assigned route. My younger brother and sister each got a paper route, and every Wednesday and Friday I have to help them out deliver a combined 200+ papers. Friday is brutal because it’s flyer day, so each paper are about 3/4 inch thick and weighs equivalent to a 265 page coiled-bound guidebook. It’s not that bad because me and my sister help out with my younger brother and sister, but it’s a pain in the ass for a carrier who have to do it by him/herself. BTW, both my siblings are thinking of quitting the job, and I myself think they should because I think it’s heartless to put too much weight on a 10 year old paper and treat them like a slave just for the benefit of the people sitting behind their desks. What’s disturbing is one of my brother’s former paper customer complained to the Daily News few months ago (the time the when Daily News introduced new layout design and free papers on Wed and Tues) about the free papers putting to much burden on the carriers, they (the Daily News) responded that they’re focusing on advertising and not on the customers. Sad…

BTW, if you like to bark at them on the phone, call them before 4PM. They’re famous for not answering the phone after that time.

Quote: What’s disturbing is one of my brother’s former paper customer complained to the Daily News few months ago (the time the when Daily News introduced new layout design and free papers on Wed and Tues) about the free papers putting to much burden on the carriers, they (the Daily News) responded that they’re focusing on advertising and not on the customers. Sad…

I’m pretty sure those words wouldn’t have been uttered. The way one sells advertising is through readership. I can’t sell an ad unless people are reading the paper so readers are first priority. That’s part of the reason we started going to everyhome is so that everyone in town would get and read a copy of the paper. This business is all about readership.

What a coincidence.  Htmf discusses the delivery of the Daily News and I get a phone call from the paper asking if I had been having any problems.

So far this month they have missed 11 out of 18 deliveries.  Circulation does not return my calls.  This has been going on for four months, although this month is by far the worst.

I have never experienced anything remotely as bad in fifteen years at this address.


Hrm - perhaps it was Wednesdays’ paper we actually received on Thursday - I could be mistaken about the time.  That being said, the wonderful lady at the desk of the Daily News told me when I signed up that the papers were pressed at 2am, done by about 5am, to the deliverers around 6ish and then delivered.  Someone is pulling my leg here obviously - whether it be the “smartass” or the daily news peddler doesn’t really matter to me today.

There is a simple enough solution if this keeps up: canceling the service and buy the paper from the store when I walk the dogs.

I’m sure some parts of the Daily News are pressed earlier than others, but the whole paper wouldn’t be pressed that early all the time.  Quite often there are pictures on the front page from early morning snowfalls, or car accidents etc, from the same day.

Smartass would never pull your leg on a matter such as the Daily News, we won’t testify for other things (lol), but on the papers she’s pretty well on message.

I don’t think the papers would be done by 5 am since the papers are delivered in the afternoon, the papers are delivered to the news stands by 3:30 pm, the carriers usually hit the streets about 4… If it were a morning paper, God would it be terribly out of date, the news cycle would be two or three days then, even now that sometimes seems the way it goes especially the Monday paper which is still reflecting on Thursday sometimes…

I think you end up paying more for the paper if you buy it at the store, but perhaps your dogs enjoy the exercise…

For as long as I’ve been alive, the paper has always been delivered in the late afternoon/early evening.

Yes, the Snooze costs less if you get it delivered to your home.

Sometimes the Rupert Express are to blame for late paper delivery, not the Daily News itself. Almost every Wednesday and Friday the bundles came to our doorstep at around 4PM, and sometimes 30min to 1 hour late. Occasionally, it was delivered a few bundles short. Short of bundles is not really a biggie because I can drive to the circulation to pick-up a few bundles and help my brother finish the job.

Well, coming from a town with a publication frequency of once a week, I admit the concept of “The Daily News” must have gotten me prematurely excited.  Plus, you guys have a Tim Hortons.  I’m in hog heaven. 

Not JUST Tim Hortons…  Starbucks too!

Yes, we’re Corporate Whores.  :smiley:

The Howler?

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Not Starbucks, but a COLD version of Starbucks.  For some reason, they don’t know how to make hot drinks.  Everything’s served chilled.

Three times I’ve been there, and three times I’ve ordered a cappuccino.  Three times they’ve served it cold.  I don’t think they know about steaming milk and stuff.

So no more Starbucks for me.

When I told the girl working there that it was too cold, she just giggled like she had no idea what I was talking about.

I didn’t enjoy their coffee very much, but I had a sip of someone’s HOT chocolate, which actually was hot, and it was quite tasty.

so this means that she giggled like a little girl… Just as long as you didn’t cry like a little girl…
No cappuccino for you!

I order my hot drinks “extra hot” and they still are luke-warm within 5 minutes.  The proper Starbucks hot drink brew temperature is 70 degrees C, but who knows if it’s actually that warm when you get it.

Starbucks is the only thing that wakes me up enough to get through 3 hours of bowling  :neutral_face:  If I have one mid-day at work though, I tend to race around the store and bounce of the walls for a couple hours after.