The Daily News.....regular delivery?

On Thursday I went to the News office to try to figure out how much I should pay for nine of a possible twenty papers delivered in February.  The desk person disappeared into the back and returned and told me not to worry about payment, and that we would start anew on March 1.

I haven’t received a paper since.  Not even a free one. 

I’ve heard of other long-time subscribers in the same situation.  Lots of them.  So what do we do?  Write a letter to the editor?  Ask one of their investigative journalists to look into it, maybe see if they are fudging their circulation numbers ?

Pathetic.  No wonder they don’t get invites from the Museum.

Here’s the best solution:


The readers maybe your first priority, but your “2 free papers/week in attempt to send Black Press packing” didn’t really work quite well.

usually about nine or eight free papers in a month,  subscribtion $9.78  per month
so your paying for 13 papers at the total $9.78 Wed & Friday Free

(myself, I feel, the free papers are going to stop soon) but the added revenue is from the flyers inside.

My niece and Nephew deliver papers, and it was overheard that a certain paper carrier will not deliver papers after 7 pm, The parent said it is too UNSAFE for his or her health, certain dangers.