The Crest?

When I travel to PR I usually stay at the Crest but the last few times I am left thinking why the hell do I stay here when the customer service at the front desk sucks so bad! I have never been to a place where the rudeness and condescending attitudes are normal for a customer service position as this one. It seems you have to speak a foreign language to get treated with any respect!
Oh and the showers are worst of any hotel I have ever been to the water temp changes by the second from one extreme to another.

I never seem to really care about front desk service as I deal with them for such a short time during my stay anywhere.  If the food is good, the room is immaculate, bed is comfy and I can soak in a nice tub, I don’t worry about it.  We stayed at Quality Inn and Suites in Toronto a few months back and the front desk service was not that cordial but we walked into the room, double suite, living room , clean and comfy (all for $99.00 !!) I didn’t care at all.  Complimented the cleaning staff and was given LOTS of wonderful lotions !! Bonus !!  I figured dealing with the magnitude of guests from the airport as they do I would probably be a little grumpy also!  If you don’t like it, stay somewhere else  :unamused:

Haida Gwaiian did you complain to the Manager Scott?  He is preety good about things like this.

That’s not fair the crest is a world class hotel a 4 star,Steve smith is a very smart
man he didn’t become a millionare for nothing he built the crest to be what it is
today world class.

AJAYE things change Steve is semi retired … I think the issue is the front staff … the new ones are the summer crew and I think that Haida Gwaian ( excuse my spelling) needs to let Scott know.

ahahaha… ahahaah

if the hotel service is anything like the food which i’m sure it is then its mediocre at best. I wouldnt be surprised if queen charlotte islandians post was right on the mark.

Who exactly decides that a hotel is 4 Star?
Does this 4 star rating get reviewed yearly?
It might of been 4 star 20 years ago, I’m not sure it is now.

always good for a laugh thanks ajaye. its a good hotel but not world class  :unamused:

Found my own answer: … ennial.cfm … yRated.cfm

the four star rating is based on what amenities a hotel offers it has nothing to do with service or food.

  Steve Smith married into that whole Crest senario…lol…food is way to overpriced and it is just not the same… Was good in the 70’s and 80’s… we went every Friday night… now it’s been many years, I choose not to dine there.
Anyway…Haida Gwaiian, if your not happy you should always speak up…

If you think that the Crest is world class, you have not been out much, have you?

Yeah it does

Wait… if you haven’t been there to eat in “many years” how can you speak to what it’s like now?

I agree 100%
LOL@world class
The Crest is at best really a 3 star property when you compare it to hotels in larger cities…  The bar-lounge staff are wonderful.  I don’t eat their much anymore though as the food is over priced and not great…  Some of the rooms small in the older section of the hotel. 


The crest is the best in town by far.

For the view, you bet but for the food?  No, overpriced and not that good anymore . They used to serve good burgers in the Lounge but haven’t been there in awhile so maybe that has changed also.

Ya the Crest is the best in town by far but what is that saying?  That we have a bunch of crappy old hotels not worth what they charge.  The Crest is offering a special “local” rate of $129.00  Give me a break.  They charge close to $300.00 for the “treat” suite and the only thing extra is a jacuzzi tub.  We had to take our own jacuzzi friendly bubbles, candles, chocolate, even provide our own glass glass’s for a sip of something special.  For the extra you think they might be able to cough up a bit of bubble bath!  Our hotels are a sad excuse and the Crest may have the amenities that make it 4 star but they should have them taken away! It’s very misleading for people.  I have spoken to Steve and get the feeling he really doesn’t give a damn, especially to local’s renting for an evening.  To bad, hard to attract tourism when this is the best we have to offer.  AND the food sucks.