The Crest?

But rojafrog, at least they have some of the most tekkie friendly urinals in town, so I’ve heard.  That’s important right ?  :unamused:

They have tvs above the urinals that have shitty signal quality, and are too close to your face.  If you wanted to watch they, you would have to stand back 2 feet to pee.
(Not necessarily a problem for me, but some people??)

Not having to touch the door handle on your way out after washing your hands is a bigger plus than the tvs.

The food does suck!  I have had better at greasy spoons all over the country!
Most of the other hotels are very basic and some are dives… Crest may look good compared to others in town, but give me a break it’s not a Sutton Place, or Hyatt…  
I love the view and the staff in the lounge.  The rate of $129 does sound high for a special but I paid $119 regular rate in Terrace for a property that offers even less than the crest.  That said it’s still expensive and for years I get the idea that management at the crest does not give a shit.  The bar manager Trevor is amazing but other management could care less…  tvs in the urirnal to me is a waste.  The auto door is neat…  There are many good features and possibilities at the hotel, it just needs someone to take over to fix the problems of mainly histrocial dont give a shit attitude.  In todays ecomomy there is no room for it…  Hotels in other cities do far more than the Crest to get a 4- star rating.    The food is not 4- star quality by any standards…  

I think that the Crest is definitely the best Prince Rupert has to offer.  The food (at least what I’ve had) is very good.  I’ve dined at many of Vancouver’s top restaurants and I actually think the Crest is comparable.  However, the prices could be a little bit lower.  After all, this is Prince Rupert, not Vancouver.

I don’t really think the hotel rooms are all that hot, especially the bathrooms.  I think some upgrading needs to be done there but from what I’ve heard about the other hotels in this town, I guess they aren’t that bad.

I guess we could argue this forever, i don’t know bout tv over the urinals, is that to keep the men from peeing their pants when a hockey game is on???

And then they gave women a crappy bathroom, a wall fountain and if ya don’t know the last thing women need when they need a bathroom is the sound of running water.  The auto door and auto toilets work at the wrong time, toilets flush while you are sitting on them, door swings open all the time it seems…but i do remember the huge fuss over when they opened the men’s room.  They had kegs of beer and free shushi! 

I just stayed at the Century Plaza in Van, right on Denman very near Robson and only paid $122 for a huge, newly renovated nice room.  Good value for the city.  I think their prices are high here. 

Given all that if i had to stay in a hotel in Rupert it would likely be the Crest because there just aren’t other options.  Hopefully i never will have to stay in a hotel here.  I gave up on “treat suites”. 

OOOPS, Century Plaza is on Burrard - not Denman!  Right beside St. Paul Hospital.  I also know the Sandman on Davie has suites for around the same rate!

Have you ever eaten at Cow Bay Cafe? That, is the best rupert has to offer. And is comparable with world cuisine. IMO anyways.

Cow Bay is OK, not IMO world class but I travel a fair bit and like to try places with award winning chefs…last meal in Vancouver was at the Blue Water Cafe and dessert at the Cin Cin, both with excellent chefs.  Adrian is a good cook though and I do go to the Cow Bay.  Have to say the sushi is great at OPA’S for a small town too.  That’s about it for eating out in town.  I used to love Breaker’s but it has been missing something the last couple times.  Is Chuck still the cook there?

Crest has a world class view, made even more spectacular by the eagle show.  The halibut and chips is worth having to enrich that conceited throwback from the gene pool named Steve Smith.  What an ego that dude has!  His wife is such a nice lady…

Yeah he sure is a work of art, but he seems to know which road to take when coming through the back door. I will agree that his wife is a Very Charming Lady while her old man is like a groupie when it comes to someone with an inch or two more class them him. I think he is Rupert’s answer to G. Bush.

The crest is great (i think so anyway), the women’s bathrooms are far from crappy (girls just dont get a tv)  I’ve enjoyed the food and the service there, Its by far one of favourite places in rupert to go out for dinner/lunch - I’ve even gone there for breakfast! :smile:

Mmmm waffle bar…

I don’t mind the Crest at all. i actually like eating there.

and they pay there taxes to the city.