The cheques are in the mail


Just got my $100 climate action dividend …
I bet the bars and restaurants will be busy today… 
families will receive $100 for each person in the household…


Why are they doing this?


It’s designed to make the Premiers carbon tax set to come into effect on July 1 a revenue neutral experience… :smiley:


So what’s everybody doing with their $100 ?


LOL, I was going to do up a poll question, over to you Mig…


I can fill my gas guzzling 4x4 up  :imp: again


Saving it for holidays in  august


Heh, this pays my Visa bill…awesome:-)


Hmm, I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.


I bought a new stethoscope with mine!


Beer, Beer and more Beer…


My Ex bought me a couple drinks with part of his.
I will use mine to pay my city west bill or part of the bill…
Thanks,  Gordon


Just remember to warm it up first!


I got mine to… haha. now I can go out and buy 77 cans of campbell’s alphabate soup and still have a few cents to my name… so then I can learn how to spell, and get a better job.and I will not have to worry about what price the gas is at…
I figure what everyone should really do with this cheque is just hold on to them… screw the goverments books up… don’t cash them… like it helps on anything anyway…


LOL It won’t even cover the fuel for both my car and my husband’s car.  Well, one cheque won’t cover us both, two will though.  Ah well - I won’t whine about a free $100 for each of us. :wink:


I can go and buy a party pack of condoms for all of the Mavis Beacon lovers cause it sure sounds like Mavis Beacon is getting ‘around’ Prince Rupert. :astonished:

Just kidding! I don’t get the cheque  so I won’t buy the condoms. :wink:



why dont you get the cheque everyone in BC gets it…
If you have not done taxes there is a special form to fill out…


The shelves at the Overpricey were kinda bare today. I think I know where most of those $100 cheques went here…
$4.29 hotdog buns, $4.99 hot dogs, $4.99 ketchup
You could eat for a week!


Living in Alberta has something to do with it I think.


Oh never knew you were in Alberta

well what is the gas price in Alberta?