The big proposal!

A few ppl on the news are upset that he chose Veronica.

Hey, Betty’s cool and all, definitely a better person but, come on, Veronica’s super hot, probably goes like crazy, AND she’s rich! Arch made the right call.

“Sugar Momma”…Archie made the right move!LMAO!

Sorry all but he should have chosen Betty, she is down to earth and better for him let Reggie have Veronica they make a great pair.

True Dat

He should have married them both and moved to Bountiful.

Nah, he chose well.  He’ll marry Veronica and still see Betty on the side.

Like I said before, (in Podunk) Betty is much too nice to do that!

Huh?  They’ve pretty much been doing this all along!  Archie’s been dating them both at the same time since I can remember.  Why would it change now?

Dating and Marriage are two different things! I can’t see Betty being a home wrecker!

You betcha…with dating sex is regular


Yeah, Archie should have gone for Betty, Sweet down to earth girls make better house wives and life partners than shallow spoiled rich brats.

But obviously Arch is shallow as well, so maybe it’s a match made in heaven.

Married??? :confused: I must have missed that one…

Anyway,  Like some bad made for TV movie.  Veronica will fall “mysteriously ill” and pass away.(soon after daddy)  Betty will console Arch and all his money and they will end up falling in love. Reggie will suspect Betty and Arch of foul play and will be hit by a large pick up truck. 
The police will arrest Moose after finding it was his truck.  As he is led to the electric chair the dark haired girl he likes will look remorseful and have a little flash back of her and Reggie having an argument over his suspicions, she lies and tells Moose that Reggie “grabbed” her.  Enraging Moose to run him down.

Happily ever after…

Definitely. I don’t see why Archie would stop playing the field just because one of his girlfriends is more legit than the other.

Funny stuff.

Really, why marry at all??!!  He had the best of everything as it was.

I am beginning to dislike both women. Are they so desperate for a man that they can each put up with the other? I think they should both tell Archie where to go and find someone new (two men - one for each - no need to share girls!). Archie is wishywashy and quite selfish being that after all these years he plays them both.

Selfish? They know the deal. Play on, playa!

Off the topic for abit…I found this clip on youtube…

And this…  :wink:

Archie will first marry Veronica, then he will marry Betty, then he will marry Cheryl.  Isn’t Riverdale in Utah?