The 5th Avenue Riot

Holy Shit - Police cars having their windows smashed, fire truck brought in for crowd control.  Every member on the force is there and they are still requesting more back up.  There must be at least 200 people there.  And its STILL out of control.

Any updates there, any pictures?

I just came back home again from a “go around”.  Its nasty there.  Its one thing to call in extra off-duty members, but when the Inspector is called in, its not a good thing.  They were slowly (literally) disbursing, but a lot of damaged property.  They now have it blocked off from McBride (on 5th East) right up to Green Street.

Took a saunter past 20 minutes ago–the police officers advised us we walk around. Think I heard one of them give the okay to round up anyone who wouldn’t clear the area–or I might have heard wrong… I was pretty intimidated by three cars with lights on blocking my path.

Can’t be anything worse than what cotton street got to be like ages ago…

But yeah, I’ve heard a few stories. Not going to post them though. Don’t know how much is true. Lots of glass on the road and it’ll be blocked off for a while.

Sounds like a fun night for all involved, that’s for sure.

I think there were two police car windows broken on one car and the windshield on their suburban, at least.  I don’t know the full extent of the damages, but I understand that they’ve ID’s one of the window-smashers.

I don’t think that it was much “fun” for the cops involved, or the neighbours for that matter.

I was being sarcastic… as if you couldn’t tell… :unamused:

It definitely wasn’t “fun” for the police… they were being pummeled by large rocks.

The people AT the party were being batoned, smashed into cop cars, pepper sprayed, and hozed down with the fire hose…

Bad night for both sides I’d say.

stupid drunk kids!!
they wonder why the cops were there as they “didn’t do anything”

So much for your “not gong to post them” reference to the stories you heard.

I know those things happend.  :unamused:

Is there usually a warning if police have a noise complaint? Or is it usually just go in and break it up? When I was still going to parties, they’d knock on the door and let us know to keep it down first.

they went to someone’s house after the first party was dispersed, and it turned ugly from there!
I spoke to the girl who lives in the house.

That is correct.  The party from 4th, ventured to 5th, and they were not happy campers being forced from the party on 4th, so you can imagine what the police were up against when they arrived at the party of 5th.  And if someone expected a “warning” first, to “keep it down”, they’d have more than a baton or pepper spray to deal with!

Ahh that makes sense then. More sense than what I was getting anyways. :unamused:

This is exactly why I stay away from things like this now haha. Too much flippin drama for my liking.

So then it would be safe to say that we can rule out your below statement as being true, then?

if you’d like to, I know it’s true though.  :unamused:

All I can say is, I’m glad I didn’t go, I was invited to be there LOL.

:angry:sooo scarrii…

You’re sarcasm is showing again!